January 2013

Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. -Henry Ward Beecher

Oh, January!  January is one of my favorite months.  Life after the chaos and fun of the holiday season. Time to slow down and finding time to just “be”.

This January was busy for us but we also had a lot of time to be together and accomplish some fun things. Here are some highlights….

 *I completed the January photo a day challenge -

IMG_3438 IMG_3776

 * Joey took a one week business trip to Houston.  He worked hard and we survived managed without him.  Success!

 *We had a family date night to pops on Route 66.
IMG_3589 IMG_3588
*Eli Started a soccer class and absolutely loves it.  Jaxon loves to get a massage in the massage chair almost every time we are there.

IMG_3710 IMG_3714 IMG_3713* Eli learned he likes to help me in the kitchen


* there were many cuddle/movie dates in our bed

IMG_3665 IMG_3658* on MLK day, Jax and I had a breakfast date  and then did some cleaning out and then a lunch/play date with friends!


All in all, January was a great month for us!



Elijah Michael

My brother in law, Marc reminded me today that I have not posted about Eli yet! (thank you Marc) I’ve got some major make up blogging to do…. but for now, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family!

Elijah Michael

9.22.10 4:40 am

4lbs 5oz, 17 1/2″long

Eli was born at 31.3 weeks and is still in the NICU.  He is healthy but we still have a road ahead of us in getting him home.  As of today, his two week birthday he is up to 4 pounds 7oz.  He is eating about an ounce per feeding through the feeding tube in his nose.  He is able to wear clothes and almost has his own body temperature under control, so we are praying he moves to an open air crib and out of the climate control isolette by the end of the week.

We so desperately want him home with us, but for now we know he is getting the best care possible.  It’s hard to believe he has been here for two weeks but in reality should have about 6 left to grow inside me.  We are so thankful that he was able to stay put for 25 days past my water breaking.  It is quite amazing that he made it that long and we were both healthy.

I will post much more later, but for now please enjoy the pictures of our sweet new son.

We love you Elijah,

daddy, mommy and jaxon

day one 8.29.10

*I started typing this post on Sept. 13… just now getting around to finishing it.  This will be a series leading up to present day.  I want to have this all written out for myself and my family.

Sunday 8.29.10 – *Warning… long and mostly for my records* :)

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I’d wet the bed! ha!  I thought that Eli was sitting on my bladder.  I had to get up to change three times during the night.  Once it was time to get up and get ready for church, I was fine and didn’t think much more of it except that he was on my bladder.  We got ready for church and Joey and I were joking that I wet the bed.  Jaxon said “I”m glad I wasn’t in there”.  It was a great morning.  I sat in the backseat with Jaxon on the way to church and we held hands and took pictures together!  I’m so thankful that I decided to ride back there that morning.

During bible class and church I felt just fine.  I had a few contractions, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I wasn’t quite 28 weeks yet.  In the bulletin I pointed out a prayer request to Joey for a friend of a member that had been admitted to the hospital at 27.5 weeks.  I told joey I couldn’t imagine and thought for a moment how thankful I was my pregnancy had been healthy and normal.

After church I was in the teacher workroom with one of my longest, best friends, Amy.  We were discussing the class we were to start teaching together the following week.  I had told her I thought Elijah was sitting on my bladder and what had happened during the night.  Joking again about wetting the bed!   I reached up on the shelf for a pen, and said ” oh my goodness, it’s happening right now”.  Thankful it was just her in there, I headed to the restroom.  We were having a potluck that day, but Joey and I decided to go ahead and leave.  We were going to go grocery shopping, but stopped to eat first.  I was being nice and suggested Taco Mayo for Joey!  On the way there Joey said he thought I should call the Dr. on Monday to tell her what was going on.  I said I would but kind of blew it off because I had an appointment with her on Wednesday.  When we got the restaurant, as soon as I got out of the truck I started leaking. a lot.  We decided we’d better call the on call to let them know.  They said to go into Lakeside to be checked out.  Joey immediately made plans for Jaxon.  Luckily, the Whitesell’s were eating lunch right by our house so it was really convenient to drop him off.  We went ahead and ordered our lunch.  After three bites, I leaned back in the seat to take a deep breath.  Once I exhaled, a huge gush of liquid came with it.  I ran to the restroom and then directly to the truck.  We headed to drop Jax off and then to the hospital.

Once at the hospital they quickly got us into a little holding room and me into a gown.  They did a little strip test on my wet pants to see if it was fluid.  It was a green piece of paper that quickly turned royal blue… royal blue means positive!  The did a swab test just to be sure, it took about 10 minutes for the results and it also was positive.  By this point about 20 minutes had passed since we arrived at the hospital.  I needed to go to the restroom.  They would not let me walk on my own.  The nurse excused herself to check with the on call Dr. about the plan.  She came back with a wheelchair and told me they were taking me to room 5 and I was being admitted.

Within about 5 minutes the Dr on call came in.  She confirmed that I was leaking amniotic fluid and gave us the game plan for the day.  She explained that the first 48 hours are crucial and they wanted to keep me pregnant.  Strong Antibiotics every three hours via IV, steroid shots to help develop Eli’s lungs, an ultrasound to measure fluid and baby, and shots to stop contractions as necessary.  Needless to say, it was a bit much, really fast!  I said to her “ok, so I’ll be here at least 48 hours, and then will I get to go home?  Will I be on bed rest?”  She calmly squeezed my leg, took a deep breath and said the words that we were in no way were expecting.  “Suzanne, you will be here until you deliver, however long that may be.  The only way you will leave here is if you are transferred to another hospital with a NICU”  Immediately tears filled my eyes and I’m pretty sure Joey’s face turned white.  She was very sweet to us and told us that we needed to process what was going on.  We needed to scream, cry, mourn “normal” life, etc.  They all left the room to give us a few minutes to let the news sink in.

The following hours were full of Iv’s, medications, shots, monitoring, tears, prayers, hugs, etc.  We knew we would be ok, we just had no idea of what to expect or what the following hours, days, weeks, months would be like.  We just wanted so much for our baby to be ok and healthy and for me to be ok and healthy.

We decided that things needed to be as normal as possible for Jaxon.  Joey went home to be with him that night.  It was so hard not having Joey there and knowing that Jax didn’t fully understand why I wasn’t there.

We had a few close friends and family visit.  They were tear-filled visits and I was so thankful to see those people.

We finally said goodnight and after some sleeping meds I was able to get a little rest… before my middle of the night steroid shot!

*I wish I could go back to that night and give myself a big hug, I guess ignorance is bliss and there is a reason why we don’t know all of the plans for our life before they unfold.*

how to name your child

We FINALLY agreed on two names and really liked them both!  So here is the story of how we decided:

We’re so excited and love his name!  Elijah (Eli) is from the bible (like Jaxon’s middle name – Josiah) and Michael is after both mine and Joey’s middle names (Michael and Michelle)… it’s perfect!  I feel so complete and at peace  now knowing what to call him.  I cannot believe that little Eli will be here in 11 weeks or so!

Random thoughts on Monday

I have a whole lot of random going on in my head, so I thought it would be nice to write a post… you know like the good ole’ days! ha!  So I present to you in bullet format, some of the many tidbits roaming in my head::

  • I love Jaxon.  It makes me sad that he had a rough day at school and had privileges taken away from him tonight.
  • I’m proud that he accepted his consequences somewhat like a big boy.
  • Jaxon and I went to see “How to Train your Dragon” last week.  We found the dragon pj’s at wally world.  He has two pair.  So, now I am the mother of a really cute dragon when he is wearing the said pj’s
  • Joey was gone for 4 days last week.  Jax and I actually managed better than I expected.  Thank the Lord I wasn’t feeling as sick.
  • Speaking of being sick….. oh yes… morning, day and night.  Off and on.  THANKFULLY, it has been nothing like it was w/ Jaxon.
  • I’m PRAYING that it goes away completely in a week or two!
  • I have been doing a LOT of training new loan officers at work lately.  It makes me so thankful for those that were there for me four years ago.
  • I can’t believe I have been in the crazy mortgage business for four years next month.
  • Jax was only ONE when I started… so little
  • OH MY WORD, I never posted about Jaxon turning FIVE!  Must do that SOON!!!
  • Tonight we ate our first home-cooked,  from scratch meal in about four weeks.  I’m sorry honey :)
  • I really want to blog more
  • I really need to work on our blog to book
  • I really need more time in my day
  • now all I can think about is sleep
  • goodnight :)

** Please note, those smiley faces kind of creep me out! ** – oh and this is my 500th post!

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" – Picasso

Sunday when we woke up, the sun was out.  Well, not exactly when we woke up at the crack of dawn (thank you, Jaxon), but it came out soon.  The snow was melting!!!  Our church was cancelled due to the weather, so we had a very leisurely morning.

I decided that we had one more shot to get outside and play in the snow.  But this time it did not include building a snowman.  We decorated him instead!

By the time we got out there, mr. snowman was melting.  Poor guy lost his eyes and all but one tooth!  At least his nose was still intact!

I pulled out the food coloring, added water and….. we had a color palette to work with!  I love how you can see the reflection of the branches in the water!I wasn’t quite sure which instrument would work best, turns out the medicine droppers win hands down!


Super happy boy!  He kept saying “this is awesome mom”

An “I love you” original

enjoy the sampling:

Jax was getting thirsty so he took a break for a bite of clean snow…. gross!

Poor mr. snowman – he didn’t stand a chance:by the end, he was gone.  Jax and I couldn’t resist one more snow ball fight!

We were thinking of  cousin Zoe (her dad blogs here)

and of course, I was thinking of Joey:

We had a lot of fun painting the snow… Jaxon cannot wait to do it again.  I REALLY hope that opportunity is MANY months away!

Once we were done, we were of course freezing. While Jaxon rested and Joey cleaned our carpets, I whipped up some homemade potato soup!  Recipe coming soon!

I’m so thankful for my little boy!

a backyard photoshoot

nothing formal.  not planned.  not dressy.  just you.  playing.  being a boy.  with your puppy.  and your fort.  PERFECT.

Dear Jaxon,

I know you don’t love it when I follow you around with the camera.  I just want to capture you so that you will I will not forget what these times are like.  Thank you for having me and my camera on your play date in the back yard on Saturday.  I love you and the crazy, fun, loud, total-boy that you are!



I think this is my favorite... because it's just you and your favorites: water, your lego watch, "ball-y shorts" (sweat shorts), and your rain/mud boots.

what did he say?

So, my kid is funny. And I’m sure your kids are funny. In fact I know they’re funny and sweet and say all kinds of clever things!
When I saw this idea Jaxon wasn’t even talking yet…but it’s one I remembered! I started it a few months ago but it only lasted a day or so. But on the 1st I started it again.
What is it? It’s the “Jar of Jaxon”. Yes, that’s the best I could come up with for now!
The idea is to write down the funny, sweet, clever, etc. things that your kids say and place them in a jar. I think the reason it didn’t last long the first time was that I didn’t have the right set-up. Well, now I’ve got the set up!

In the little basket I keep the jar and pre-cut strips of paper (all sizes) and a pen or markers. That way I can go right away and write it down so I don’t forget!

The other day I had the jar out in the living room. Jaxon thought it was like the the Christmas jar where he got to pick a piece of paper out and do something. So here’s how the conversation went:: (and YES I wrote it down and now it’s in the jar)

J: MOMMY, is this for me? What do I get to do today?
S: Well, buddy this jar is not like the Christmas jar. The jar has paper with funny things that you’ve said.
J: MOMMY….I am NOT funny, I’m SERIOUS.
S: (laughing) See… THAT was funny!

It was his tone of voice that was really funny. That night he wanted me to read him all the notes in the jar. I think it made his day. I know having this jar will make me smile for days and years to come!

See ya next year, Karate

I couldn’t write this last night because I didn’t really know what exactly to write. Karate was a little traumatic for us. It was not good for Jaxon or for me. We both left with tears in our eyes. His tears were because he was sad, confused, angry, and overwhelmed. My tears were because, well I don’t really know why, too many emotions to count. When I picked Jax up he was SO excited to go and he was such a big boy. When we got there and the class started he was obviously overwhelmed. There were other parents there observing. The instructor asked me to take my shoes off and to come out on the floor to help him do the splits. Jax freaked. He was trying to be a big boy and participate, but he just wanted to take it all in. I knew it was a bad idea, but did it because the instructor asked me to. So, here I am on the floor with the class, in my black suit pants and grey sweater with no shoes on. My child is freaking out while all the other children are doing exactly what they’re being asked to do. I started to get really hot. I could feel my face getting red. I backed off and just stood near to give Jaxon a chance, this was after all his very first experience with anything like this, and he likes his independence.
It wasn’t but a few moments later Jaxon started crying and ran to me saying he wanted to go home. I was ok with that, but didn’t want to be rude and just up and leave. Another instructor came out to the floor and asked if I’d come with him to talk. Sure! Anything to get all the eyes off me!
So, we went in this little room and Jax had calmed down at this point. The instructor was trying to get Jax to sit in a specific chair so that he & I could visit for a moment. Jax was being a typical 3 year old boy who is usually weary of people he doesn’t know, so he wasn’t really listening to the man. He wasn’t really listening to me for that matter. The man went on to say that my reasons (that we had earlier discussed) for wanting to enroll Jax in the class were VERY valid. He continued and pointed out that Jax doesn’t show me much respect, or listen to instructions well. Ok, I know these things, however I do not need a stranger to point them out to me. These are things that we work on every day in our household. He was very clear that I should bring Jax back today and force him to get used to the idea of being in that environment. As I stated yesterday, and to him, I will not force my children to do something extracurricular that we have not committed to. So, we finished up our little meeting.
When we walked out of the office, the class was playing with the nun chucks or the “Hai-Ya’s“! Jaxon was ready to go back out there, but the instructor asked him to come off of the floor and told him he could do that in class tomorrow. Again, Jaxon got upset. I agreed that IF Jaxon wanted to come back tomorrow, he would have to participate in the full class. Then I wrangled my screaming child, carried him in one hand, my purse a karate magazine and two bottles of water in the other, to get his shoes. The fit did not stop there….but that’s where I’ll end this story!
I’ve thought so much about this in the last 20 hours. Part of me feels guilty for thinking that he was ready for something like that. I was upset with the instructor, although I know he was just doing what he knew how. I was embarrassed with the fit that he threw and all the eyes that were on me. I feel bad that Jax was so excited and then so letdown within an hours time (although, that is real life). I learned that that type of karate is just too serious for MY 3 year old. I learned that I know my son better than anyone else and of course we have some things to work on and that’s ok. I learned that making up with a 3 year old – when he is ready – after throwing a fit for an hour after being home – can be REALLY fun!! I love my Jaxon and needless to say….We’ve decided as a family that maybe we’ll try again in a year or so, or maybe never!

On a MUCH lighter note (I’m surprised if you’ve made it this far)….. Please go visit Mom Spark today. Mom Spark is a new blog that is for Mommies, Mommies to be someday, or anyone who wants to have a little fun! I am going to be contributing over there and today is my FIRST post there. So, go see for yourself…it will be fun, I promise!! Be sure to leave some comment love…I could use it today!