Elijah Michael

My brother in law, Marc reminded me today that I have not posted about Eli yet! (thank you Marc) I’ve got some major make up blogging to do…. but for now, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family!

Elijah Michael

9.22.10 4:40 am

4lbs 5oz, 17 1/2″long

Eli was born at 31.3 weeks and is still in the NICU.  He is healthy but we still have a road ahead of us in getting him home.  As of today, his two week birthday he is up to 4 pounds 7oz.  He is eating about an ounce per feeding through the feeding tube in his nose.  He is able to wear clothes and almost has his own body temperature under control, so we are praying he moves to an open air crib and out of the climate control isolette by the end of the week.

We so desperately want him home with us, but for now we know he is getting the best care possible.  It’s hard to believe he has been here for two weeks but in reality should have about 6 left to grow inside me.  We are so thankful that he was able to stay put for 25 days past my water breaking.  It is quite amazing that he made it that long and we were both healthy.

I will post much more later, but for now please enjoy the pictures of our sweet new son.

We love you Elijah,

daddy, mommy and jaxon

operation keep me pregnant – day 18

after an EARLY morning ultrasound we have great news. And not so great news.

First- I am 30.3 weeks today and Eli is now measuring
4#8oz!  Awesome growth!!

Second- there was no fluid to measure so he called my fluid level a 0.

We do not know what my dr’s will do with this information yet. We’ll let you know once we do! Thank you for the prayers!! Please keep praying a we still have a long road ahead of us!

Operation keep me pregnant!

First of all thanks to Megan for keeping everyone posted here and on facebook.  Facebook gets updated more frequently so you can add me if you’d like.

Today is Thursday, day 5! *(Update, now it’s actually Saturday 9.4 at 5:47am)  My mind is finally starting to wrap around all of this.  On Sunday (8.29.10) I came to the hospital with my purse on my shoulder and my husband on my hand.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be staying!  There has been a LOT to take in this week.  Also a LOT to get over.  As I plan to be here for a while, I plan to blog quite a bit!  I want to remember this time.  I also want to forget this time.  ha.  I just want Eli to stay safe inside me for as long as possible.

I hope you all have a great Labor day weekend… praying I don’t go into Labor! :)

Taken on Sunday 8.29.10 - Mommy and Jaxon (and Eli)

Operation: Keep Suzanne Pregnant, The Details

Megan here again.  I’m acting as Suz’s personal PR rep until she’s feeling up to blogging/facebooking again.  It’s not a bad job at all, and honestly, I’m just glad there is something I can do to help her out!  Seeing as it is already late and I really need to get to bed, I’m going to do some bullet points from our convo this afternoon.

–Eli is still safely tucked away inside.  Her doctor’s first goal is to get her to 32 weeks, which is 3 weeks and 2 days from now.  Of course, if he can safely stay inside longer they will certainly keep him there.  But 32 weeks is the goal at this point.

— Suzanne has been given steroids to mature Elijah’s lungs and is on a steady stream of antibiotics to prevent infection.  She was having some contractions yesterday and was given medicine to stop them.  Thankfully, it worked and the contractions stopped.   With a ruptured bag of waters, infection is the biggest risk.  The nurses are taking her temperature every hour (doesn’t that make for some good sleep, ha!) and hey are keeping a very close eye on Eli’s heart rate for any sign of distress or infection.  So far, so good, and it’s been almost 48 hours since her water broke.  You know, I didn’t realize that you could stay pregnant after your water breaks or that you make more amniotic fluid.  They will be doing ultrasounds every other day to check her fluid level.  A normal level is a 12…yesterday she was about a 3.5.  Pray for more fluid at tomorrows sonogram!

–She is on complete and total bed rest.  I cannot even imagine, but Suzanne is handling it so well.  She has loved all her nurses and is making them all laugh and smile in typical Suzanne fashion.

–When it’s time for Eli to be born (not for weeks, please Lord!), ideally Suzanne to be transferred to Baptist for the delivery because they have a better equipped NICU.  But right now, they want to keep her where she is as long as possible.  In the case of an emergency c-section, Elijah will be transferred to Baptist as soon as he is stable and Suzanne will stay at Women’s until she is discharged.  Please pray that Eli’s birth is not an emergency and that there is time for the hospital transfer to happen.  She will get to see sweet Eli so much more if they are in the same hospital while she recovers from delivery.

So, I think that’s it so far…I feel like there is something I am forgetting, but hopefully I got all the major points in there.  The bottom line is right now, Suzanne and Eli are doing exactly what they need to be doing.  Suz is resting and Eli is growing.  They are certainly not out of the woods, but things are moving in the right direction.  Keep up the praying!  Suzanne says she feels so very loved and blessed.  God is good.

Until next time,


Operation: Keep Suzanne Pregnant, Part 1

Hello friends of Suzanne.  This is Megan here.  She asked me to come on here and post an update.  The last 12 hours have been very eventful as Suzanne’s water broke at only 28.5 weeks pregnant.  So far, she is not in labor and the doctors are optimistic that Elijah will have time to do a little more growing before coming into the world.

Will you join me in prayer for Suzanne, Joey, Jaxon, and Eli as they face the coming days and weeks?  Suzanne will be on bed rest in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy.  I know Suzanne, and like most moms, the thought of spending weeks on end in a bed, unable to care for her family, do her job, etc. is daunting to say the least.  Pray for Eli to grow big and strong. Pray that when he is born, he is born healthy and crying.  May his tiny lungs develop and sustain him.  Pray for Suzanne that she would be filled with peace and feel the comfort that can only come from knowing that God is in control.  Pray that she would not be filled with anxiety and worry, but instead be filled with hope and patience during the coming weeks and months.  Pray for Joey as he now faces balancing his time between Jaxon/home and Suzanne/the hospital, plus all the tasks of his normal life/job.   And pray for Jaxon that he would continue to be a happy, sweet 5 year old boy, and that he would have understanding beyond his years as he faces the challenges of the weeks ahead.

This sweet picture was taken just this morning, before Suzanne knew that he water had already broken.  Cutest picture ever!

Suz, I wish I could be with you in person right now. You are one of my dearest friends ever and I love you!

day one 8.29.10

*I started typing this post on Sept. 13… just now getting around to finishing it.  This will be a series leading up to present day.  I want to have this all written out for myself and my family.

Sunday 8.29.10 – *Warning… long and mostly for my records* :)

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I’d wet the bed! ha!  I thought that Eli was sitting on my bladder.  I had to get up to change three times during the night.  Once it was time to get up and get ready for church, I was fine and didn’t think much more of it except that he was on my bladder.  We got ready for church and Joey and I were joking that I wet the bed.  Jaxon said “I”m glad I wasn’t in there”.  It was a great morning.  I sat in the backseat with Jaxon on the way to church and we held hands and took pictures together!  I’m so thankful that I decided to ride back there that morning.

During bible class and church I felt just fine.  I had a few contractions, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I wasn’t quite 28 weeks yet.  In the bulletin I pointed out a prayer request to Joey for a friend of a member that had been admitted to the hospital at 27.5 weeks.  I told joey I couldn’t imagine and thought for a moment how thankful I was my pregnancy had been healthy and normal.

After church I was in the teacher workroom with one of my longest, best friends, Amy.  We were discussing the class we were to start teaching together the following week.  I had told her I thought Elijah was sitting on my bladder and what had happened during the night.  Joking again about wetting the bed!   I reached up on the shelf for a pen, and said ” oh my goodness, it’s happening right now”.  Thankful it was just her in there, I headed to the restroom.  We were having a potluck that day, but Joey and I decided to go ahead and leave.  We were going to go grocery shopping, but stopped to eat first.  I was being nice and suggested Taco Mayo for Joey!  On the way there Joey said he thought I should call the Dr. on Monday to tell her what was going on.  I said I would but kind of blew it off because I had an appointment with her on Wednesday.  When we got the restaurant, as soon as I got out of the truck I started leaking. a lot.  We decided we’d better call the on call to let them know.  They said to go into Lakeside to be checked out.  Joey immediately made plans for Jaxon.  Luckily, the Whitesell’s were eating lunch right by our house so it was really convenient to drop him off.  We went ahead and ordered our lunch.  After three bites, I leaned back in the seat to take a deep breath.  Once I exhaled, a huge gush of liquid came with it.  I ran to the restroom and then directly to the truck.  We headed to drop Jax off and then to the hospital.

Once at the hospital they quickly got us into a little holding room and me into a gown.  They did a little strip test on my wet pants to see if it was fluid.  It was a green piece of paper that quickly turned royal blue… royal blue means positive!  The did a swab test just to be sure, it took about 10 minutes for the results and it also was positive.  By this point about 20 minutes had passed since we arrived at the hospital.  I needed to go to the restroom.  They would not let me walk on my own.  The nurse excused herself to check with the on call Dr. about the plan.  She came back with a wheelchair and told me they were taking me to room 5 and I was being admitted.

Within about 5 minutes the Dr on call came in.  She confirmed that I was leaking amniotic fluid and gave us the game plan for the day.  She explained that the first 48 hours are crucial and they wanted to keep me pregnant.  Strong Antibiotics every three hours via IV, steroid shots to help develop Eli’s lungs, an ultrasound to measure fluid and baby, and shots to stop contractions as necessary.  Needless to say, it was a bit much, really fast!  I said to her “ok, so I’ll be here at least 48 hours, and then will I get to go home?  Will I be on bed rest?”  She calmly squeezed my leg, took a deep breath and said the words that we were in no way were expecting.  “Suzanne, you will be here until you deliver, however long that may be.  The only way you will leave here is if you are transferred to another hospital with a NICU”  Immediately tears filled my eyes and I’m pretty sure Joey’s face turned white.  She was very sweet to us and told us that we needed to process what was going on.  We needed to scream, cry, mourn “normal” life, etc.  They all left the room to give us a few minutes to let the news sink in.

The following hours were full of Iv’s, medications, shots, monitoring, tears, prayers, hugs, etc.  We knew we would be ok, we just had no idea of what to expect or what the following hours, days, weeks, months would be like.  We just wanted so much for our baby to be ok and healthy and for me to be ok and healthy.

We decided that things needed to be as normal as possible for Jaxon.  Joey went home to be with him that night.  It was so hard not having Joey there and knowing that Jax didn’t fully understand why I wasn’t there.

We had a few close friends and family visit.  They were tear-filled visits and I was so thankful to see those people.

We finally said goodnight and after some sleeping meds I was able to get a little rest… before my middle of the night steroid shot!

*I wish I could go back to that night and give myself a big hug, I guess ignorance is bliss and there is a reason why we don’t know all of the plans for our life before they unfold.*