Joey & I have always had our game day traditions. Last year we started some new traditions that we hoped would be fun for the whole family. Each year, we get a new OU shirt, hat or jersey. We wear our shirt every game day. We have Crimson pancakes for breakfast (see picture above). This year Joey figured out how to make them football shaped! We have taught Jaxon to say OU BABY & BOOMER SOONER!!! We love game day around here!!!

Saturday night Jaxon got really into the game. He would yell “go, go, go” & when we scored (ELEVEN TIMES, I might add) he clapped and did the happy dance! It was fun to watch. Naturally, he’s much more into it this year than last. Two years old & a true fan!

It's game day baby!!!!! (well almost)!

Today is the last pre-season OU Saturday!!!!!!! We are very excited around here. We watched ESPN’s College Game Day this morning…as we do every Saturday morning from Sept-December! If you were watching, you were NOT mistaken when four out of four predicted OU to win the Big 12!!!!!!!!!!! I know a lot can happen, but it’s still exciting! They also predicted that we would be in the BSC Final game!!!!! For now, we are just anxiously awaiting kickoff next Saturday at 6:00 pm!!!!

Happy Saturday!