how he rolls (well, kind of)

today Jax and I  had a nice ichat with our brother in law & uncle Marc… oh and Zoe too!

Isn’t she precious!

After our chat, I left Jaxon’s room and headed out to the family room.  About 5 minutes later Jax came down the hall all decked out with his roller skates and knee pads.  He put it all on by himself, which in itself is kind of amazing in my book, since the child THINKS he needs help getting dressed daily… oh my!

The skates were a Christmas gift from Marc, Stacey and Zoe, so I guess our little chat sparked the memory and inspired a skating session!

He actually wanted to try it all by himself tonight… I’m pretty sure we won’t be having a party at the roller skating rink anytime soon, but it is progress!

Here’s the proof:: (and a good little conversation)

Watching this just now, I realized what he was saying at the end and I’m cracking up! I’m sure he was thinking “duh, mom”! ha!

For the record, even though Jax did wear this shirt on Saturday (see this post), he does own other shirts! Also, this shirt raised some concern from some of our friends who are southern cowboys fans… we are not necessarily giants fans, but the shirt was on sale at old navy! ha!

sunglasses at night

I came across these pictures the other day and realized I never posted them! This actually took place last year right after Christmas! Megan was in town visiting family. So of course, I picked her up for some girl time!

First, we did a little shopping!

Meg & Suz

After shopping we went out for a yummy dinner at Teds!
Back in the car to head to drop her off, we decided we needed to take a picture of our new matching sunglasses:

they actually only lasted a few weeks, no wonder they were on sale!

A few minutes later we realized we had been so busy talking that we still had them on… and it was definitely dark out!


I wear my sunglasses at night….. I can, so I can...

Okay, now I totally have that song in my head!

Yes, we are aware... we're dorks!

But.. at least we’re fun! ha!


I just give up! If this is what he wanted to wear today…so be it! I did pack shorts for him to wear to the park, becuase, well pajama pants in 95 degree weather is just not very appopriate! It will be interesting to see what he is wearing when I pick him up!

Speaking of Superhero’s….. I was looking on YouTube this morning. I cliked on the link from Sarah’s recent post and found this::

Jaxon watched this about 12.5 times this morning! On the way to work he said “Mommy, we have superman costume, spiderman, and batman at home, but no Jesus costume”. Hmmm…

"No Jesus?"

I was going through a basket of pictures last night and found these from the last three years. I think they are hilarious…so I had to post them!

where am I?”

Crazy smile…I just wonder what he was thinking!
I’m sure he was saying “in the beginnning…”

Jaxon was “helping” me get them on the computer this morning, and was making comments about them. He knows the memory verse from this year – Genesis 1:1, so he recited that. He asked me what they talked about when he was a baby and I told him “Noah”. Then he pointed to the 2007 picture and wanted to know what it said. So I said, “It say’s Know Jesus”. He said “NO, Jesus? Aww, but I love Jesus” I couldn’t help but laugh! I was trying to explain that there are two different ways to use the word “No,Know”. Pretty confusing for a three year old! Oh, I love that boy!

From the mouth of my boy Round 3

Today I decided to take the afternoon off and spend some time with Jaxon since I won’t be home tonight!

I picked him up from Ruthann’s as they were walking back from the park…He ran to my car and was so excited to see me. I was happy because this is not always the case, he usually wants to stay and play!

We came home so I could get out of my work clothes, then I let him pick whatever he wanted to eat for lunch. Of course he wanted Mcdonalds!

When we left there he said ON HIS OWN….”Mommy, thank you for my lunch at mcdonalds”….so sweet! He’s actually catching on to some manners!!!!!!

While at TarJay… He was trying to get my attention and he said ” Mommy Winn”, I guess he knows that when I’m being serious I use his first and last name!!

Also at Target, I was trying to decide on something and after a few minutes I did, then he said “Mommy you craaazzzzaaayyyyy”…. Thank you son!

This morning Joey was getting his shirt tucked in and here was the conversation::

Jax: I’m scared
Joe: Of What?
Jax: You
Joe: WHAT? Why buddy?
Jax: Because I don’t like your shirt, it’s too fancy
Joe: (after changing shirts) Is this better buddy?
Jax: Yes, that’s better daddy, I like that shirt best.
Joe & I: wow, too fancy!!??

I hope you’re having a great Thursday! Hope to see you at the Blogger Bash tonight (if you live here of course!)

From the mouth of my boy – Round 2

Yesterday at church, during a prayer…he whispered in my ear:
“mommy, my bones are tiny, but yours are huge!”

Last night at Goldie’s he was getting some crackers out of the basket…
“this is for me and this one is for my sister”
We reminded him that we do not have a sister, nor is one in the works, and when that time comes, it’s possible that it will be a boy….

This morning I packaged up all but three of the brownies I made yesterday for him to take to Ms. Ruthann’s house. I had included a little note in the bag…He said to Joey “Look dad, I got a gift card”…I think Joey was disappointed to see that it was just a note from me!