"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" – Picasso

Sunday when we woke up, the sun was out.  Well, not exactly when we woke up at the crack of dawn (thank you, Jaxon), but it came out soon.  The snow was melting!!!  Our church was cancelled due to the weather, so we had a very leisurely morning.

I decided that we had one more shot to get outside and play in the snow.  But this time it did not include building a snowman.  We decorated him instead!

By the time we got out there, mr. snowman was melting.  Poor guy lost his eyes and all but one tooth!  At least his nose was still intact!

I pulled out the food coloring, added water and….. we had a color palette to work with!  I love how you can see the reflection of the branches in the water!I wasn’t quite sure which instrument would work best, turns out the medicine droppers win hands down!


Super happy boy!  He kept saying “this is awesome mom”

An “I love you” original

enjoy the sampling:

Jax was getting thirsty so he took a break for a bite of clean snow…. gross!

Poor mr. snowman – he didn’t stand a chance:by the end, he was gone.  Jax and I couldn’t resist one more snow ball fight!

We were thinking of  cousin Zoe (her dad blogs here)

and of course, I was thinking of Joey:

We had a lot of fun painting the snow… Jaxon cannot wait to do it again.  I REALLY hope that opportunity is MANY months away!

Once we were done, we were of course freezing. While Jaxon rested and Joey cleaned our carpets, I whipped up some homemade potato soup!  Recipe coming soon!

I’m so thankful for my little boy!

how he rolls (well, kind of)

today Jax and I  had a nice ichat with our brother in law & uncle Marc… oh and Zoe too!

Isn’t she precious!

After our chat, I left Jaxon’s room and headed out to the family room.  About 5 minutes later Jax came down the hall all decked out with his roller skates and knee pads.  He put it all on by himself, which in itself is kind of amazing in my book, since the child THINKS he needs help getting dressed daily… oh my!

The skates were a Christmas gift from Marc, Stacey and Zoe, so I guess our little chat sparked the memory and inspired a skating session!

He actually wanted to try it all by himself tonight… I’m pretty sure we won’t be having a party at the roller skating rink anytime soon, but it is progress!

Here’s the proof:: (and a good little conversation)

Watching this just now, I realized what he was saying at the end and I’m cracking up! I’m sure he was thinking “duh, mom”! ha!

For the record, even though Jax did wear this shirt on Saturday (see this post), he does own other shirts! Also, this shirt raised some concern from some of our friends who are southern cowboys fans… we are not necessarily giants fans, but the shirt was on sale at old navy! ha!

a backyard photoshoot

nothing formal.  not planned.  not dressy.  just you.  playing.  being a boy.  with your puppy.  and your fort.  PERFECT.

Dear Jaxon,

I know you don’t love it when I follow you around with the camera.  I just want to capture you so that you will I will not forget what these times are like.  Thank you for having me and my camera on your play date in the back yard on Saturday.  I love you and the crazy, fun, loud, total-boy that you are!



I think this is my favorite... because it's just you and your favorites: water, your lego watch, "ball-y shorts" (sweat shorts), and your rain/mud boots.

our new baby….

Tucker “Tuck” Winn

5 weeks 3 days old

He is just a baby… he eats…

and sleeps…

and plays… and goes potty (I didn’t take pictures of that:) )

he is really precious and has beautiful BLUE eyes… just like the rest of our family!

Tuck is Jaxon’s responsibility(of course, we provide PLENTY of backup!) .. and he is doing amazing with him!

Here’s how we came up with his name:

We were totally undecided on a name before we met him.  We’ve been planning and talking about a new puppy for quite some time.  We researched and decided that a Miniature Austrailian Shepherd would be a great match for our family!  We had about a two hour drive to go and pick him up.  We continued to throw out names the entire trip.  One of the three of us would oppose to any given name!  It was funny!  We got him in the truck with us and he was on my lap for a while.  Next thing I knew he had climbed into Jaxon’s seat.  He was tucking himself in between the seat and Jaxon.  He walked back over to my lap, and then he tucked himself next to me and the seat behind me.  It was so cute.  He wanted to hide and feel cuddled.  We were giving him some space as the dog whisperer recommends.

Joey shouted out..”how about Tucker?”  Jax and I looked at each other and smiled.  Then Joey explained why he thought of that… what a PERFECT name!

So… Tucker it is.  We’ve been calling him “Tuck”.

I just told Jax that I’m writing about the puppy and he said to write how much he loves Tuck!  so sweet!

My sweet boys::  Jax and Tuck

The happy and excited brother and mommy!

The End.

I'm a sweet potato


This boy is SOO funny!

He LOVES me…. and I love him back…

Here’s a little sampling of the terms of endearment I’ve been called recently:

Mammasita, Sweet Potato, Princess, Scarlett, Honey (pronounced Hon-Eh), Darlin’

I’m really not sure where he picked these up from, Joey calls me princess and honey (pronounced Hon-EY).  I’m not complaining… I love it!

I just felt like I needed to have this down in a record book somewhere… I’m sure it will only last a few more years!

I’m one blessed mama (sita)! ha!


And wife…IMG_4756

*Joey had back surgery last Thursday… he is recovering well.  Thanks to all who have helped in ANY way!

I have my hands tied up in MANY FUNNN projects… so come back soon!

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

A trip to the Optometrist

remember when Jaxon went to school and didn’t much like it?  Well, I’m happy to report that things are much better!  He is actually enjoying it now!  That second week of school, he was rubbing his eves every night and complaining that they hurt.  So… I made him an appointment to go see the eye dr. I told him that they would play several games with him and he would get to look through different lenses to see how things look!  He was super excited!



I was somewhat surprised to find out that he actually needed glasses.  I really think that this had something to do with how hard that second week of school was.  So, I’m really glad that I listened to him and took him in!  We picked out some really cute frames and he is doing PRETTY well with them so far, I mean, he IS a 4 year old boy!


He was so excited that night that we did a little homework:

Like Mother… Like Son:


My sweet little glasses head!photo

Nap Mat Cover

So, if you know me at all you know that I don’t like to be ordinary. That pertains to most parts of my life and my child is no exception. So, of course he couldn’t have just a normal nap mat! Joey had then novel idea of me making a cover for it. Well, I had an EVEN better idea and asked my friend from college, Jaime to make me one!
click on this image to go to her awesome site::

Jaime was wonderful to work with and patient with me! We emailed all the details back and forth. She sent me some great links to pick out the fabric and about a week later she mailed me the final product!! She is great if you have something in mind… I’ll bet she can help you! I think she is planning to sell custom pillowcases for kids… so CUTE!!  Also, check out her CUTE baby onesies and Halloween tutu’s too!!

nap mat folded up nicely

nap mat. folded up and ready to go

nap mat 2

nap mat jax

Jax loves his napmat now and sleeps good every day!!

Have a good weekend, take a nap, and go see Jaime!