I'm a sweet potato


This boy is SOO funny!

He LOVES me…. and I love him back…

Here’s a little sampling of the terms of endearment I’ve been called recently:

Mammasita, Sweet Potato, Princess, Scarlett, Honey (pronounced Hon-Eh), Darlin’

I’m really not sure where he picked these up from, Joey calls me princess and honey (pronounced Hon-EY).  I’m not complaining… I love it!

I just felt like I needed to have this down in a record book somewhere… I’m sure it will only last a few more years!

I’m one blessed mama (sita)! ha!


And wife…IMG_4756

*Joey had back surgery last Thursday… he is recovering well.  Thanks to all who have helped in ANY way!

I have my hands tied up in MANY FUNNN projects… so come back soon!

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

My Personality

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ESFPs are cooperative, “here and now” people-persons that enjoy excitement and love new adventures. Because of their highly social nature, they are especially lively when they are the center of attention and hate being alone. ESFPs have a practical side that allows them to finish work efficiently and are often good problem solvers.

I saw this on Chas’s blog and decided to take the test. I was happy to see that this was for the most part, accurate! I do like to be alone at times though!! I did learn a few things about myself! I learned that I am in the right career path (that’s good news)! You should go and take it…it takes a little time, but it’s fun!

Reading Material


As you can see, I’ve collected a small library of books & magazines over the past few days. Last week Joey surprised me with a new Jodi Picoult book from B&N. I was already reading that book from the library, so I took it back to B&N yesterday. The first three books on the top row were a bargain, buy two get one free!!! The first two on the bottom row were also bargains at Mardel. I’ve been wanting to buy Parenting with Love & Logic for a while now. It has become apparent that I need some help with my two year old! A few years ago I found the Becoming – New Testament. It is the new testament in magazine format. There are many articles that bridge the text and the modern day woman. I suggest picking a copy up at Mardel to use as part of a bible study! And of course, what trip to B&N would be complete with out a magazine. The September issue of RR looks pretty yummy!
So, I guess I better get off the computer and start reading!