Boomer Sooner

Here are the pictures from the OU game we went to a few weeks ago. My husband has issues taking pictures. He is not a fan at all! So, because he couldn’t take one decent picture, I’ve made a collage of ALL the outtakes. You can go here to see our pictures from last years game.
Here is Renee and I…and a few random pics:
Jason & Renee
We had such a great time hanging out with them. We’ve been friends now for almost 9 years! I’m not sure that we’ve all been out together since Jaxon was born. It’s sad. What is awesome though is that they are the kind of forever friends that just pick up right where we left off. We love you guys!

Weekend Update

My blog has been pretty boring this week. It has definitely had to take a backseat to life. Work is getting really busy, which in my line of work is a super blessing! No work = No pay! Joey’s principal & athletic director duties are back in full force. The free time I have had has been spent with my boy!

Today Joey and I are going to the OU game! We are taking the Conley’s with us! It should be a lot of fun!

So….I’ll be back later with more! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!

We enjoyed the football game last night with the McMahan’s!

We had some great food, and a few yummy desserts! Here are the brownies I made!
Tracy & I

This afternoon I am starting my journey to being organized~
I’m starting with the craft/linen closet in the hall. A few months back, I had to remove some of the storage that was in there and it just went downhill from there. I know this picture is pretty scary, I’m about half way done with it and it is going to look so good!

I will post a picture of the finished product tonight!!
I’m taking a little break while Jaxon is napping…I don’t want him to wake up! I’m off to read a little while it is quiet around here!!

Enjoy your day!

This gives me chills!!!!!!!

When we go to the OU games, my favorite part is the drum major and the band before the game starts!!
I LOVE this video!

Tomorrow is the first OU game of the season! We are all three very excited. Everytime we see something with OU on it Jaxon says “OU BABY“!!We have our traditions, and tonight is the annual OU shirt shopping trip!! Tomorrow morning we will have our traditional RED OU pancakes. We will also have our traditional game day food! We are watching the game with the McMahan’s and cannot wait!!

Please make sure to go visit MOMSPARK.NET today to see my latest creation! Here’s a little peek::
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Happy Labor Day Weekend!! BOOMER SOONER!!

*wow, I sure did use a LOT of exclaimation points in this post*!!!