Reading Material


As you can see, I’ve collected a small library of books & magazines over the past few days. Last week Joey surprised me with a new Jodi Picoult book from B&N. I was already reading that book from the library, so I took it back to B&N yesterday. The first three books on the top row were a bargain, buy two get one free!!! The first two on the bottom row were also bargains at Mardel. I’ve been wanting to buy Parenting with Love & Logic for a while now. It has become apparent that I need some help with my two year old! A few years ago I found the Becoming – New Testament. It is the new testament in magazine format. There are many articles that bridge the text and the modern day woman. I suggest picking a copy up at Mardel to use as part of a bible study! And of course, what trip to B&N would be complete with out a magazine. The September issue of RR looks pretty yummy!
So, I guess I better get off the computer and start reading!