vacay day 4: headed north

On the evening of day 3 we decided to change up our plans a bit and head to the Gaylord Texan Resort on Lake Grapevine. They had a great teacher deal going that made it very affordable and we were really excited about it!
We got up early to get on the road! We arrived at the resort right at 3:00pm! We rested for a little bit and then went exploring and swimming in the fab pool! This place was huge! Everything really is in one place!
Here is the outside:
Here is the inside:
And then there was the pool…. ahhhh….
After exhausting ourselves in the pool, it was time for dinner. It was so nice because there are several different restaurants to choose from. We chose the family friendly restaurant with the HUGE tv that was playing the Boston vs. Rangers game! After dinner we found the little arcade and spent some time in there. Our vacation was quickly wrapping up!

We had a great time and it was a much needed family break! The next morning we headed even more north and made it back to our home in OK around 3pm. We feel so blessed that we were able to go on a trip this year.

In Jaxon’s words… “this was the best cation ever” …. Yes it was sweet boy, it was!

vacay day 3: Schlitterbahn

Day 3 was a day of fun in the sun! We headed to schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Tx for the day! Jaxon had a blast playing in all the kid areas. Joey and I were able to soak up a little sun and do a little reading!
We had a great time and really wore ourselves out! I can’t wait to go back!!
That evening we ordered take out and ate in our room… it was perfect! We had a huge pillow fight, read books and had a great time!

The one thing I love about traveling is planning it all out but having the ability to make it up as we go! Now, we’re pretty big planners…. I found these great colored envelopes at the dollar tree! They were perfect for keeping our budget in place!
On the other hand, it’s nice to have a plan but be able to adapt it… For instance, we had originally planned to go to schlitterbahn two days. About half way through the first day, we decided that although it was great fun, it would be nice to do something else too! We also had a trip to San Antonio on the itenerary. Instead, we through both of those ideas out and decided to drive half-way home. I remembered seeing a great special for the Gaylord Texan Resort. So… I looked it up, called and booked it and started packing! Soon after we were fast asleep!

Vacay Day 2… the condensed version

After a good night’s rest we were ready for the day! The night before I called the front desk to ask about breakfast and they said it was over at 10:00. We made it downstairs at about 9:50. To our dismay they were putting everything away!! Apparently the late night desk boy didn’t get the memo that breakfast ended at 9:30! The nice lady let us grab what we could, but I ended up with a mostly liquid breakfast!
After “breakfast” we went back up to our room to hang out for a while. We did some coloring and reading. Shortly we were ready to hit the outlet malls in San Marcos! It was very hot and very crowded, but we had a great time and managed some good deals that made it all worthwhile! After grabbing a late lunch we headed back to the hotel to eat, swim and take naps!
That evening, we headed back to the malls for a few stores we didn’t get to go to earlier in the day. The weather was much nicer and most of the people were gone! It was nice! We grabbed some dinner at Freebirds, then it was time to wind down and get ready for THE big event!!

Vacay Day 1 Part 2

Part 1 is here

…..We also got to see

And Batman::
Jax got to ride in the Bat mobile::
My two action figure lovers::
They had a great toy room where nothing was off limits…. they even had all kinds of superhero costumes! Thank you to whomever had this idea…. 30 minutes of seeing REALLY cool stuff and not touching a thing is not cool for a 4 year old, so this was a blast for him!
The playroom::
After leaving the museum, we had about 6 hours to go still! We hit major traffic a few times, it was nice to have the GPS (affectionately known as “Tommy”) to let us know our estimated time of arrival… it was also a little irritating to see that we only moved .8 miles in 30 minutes!
We made a pit stop in Alvarado, TX. There was a large gas station with a sonic semi/attached and a smokehouse inside. We really just stopped for the restroom and a drink, but the smell of the BBQ lured us in for dinner! – If you live in that area you really should try it!
After a quick bite we were “On the Road Again“… I might have sung a few lines of Willie! We still had about 3 hours to go! It wasn’t long until we were BACK in traffic. Actually we were completely stopped on the highway! About 40 minutes later we were forced to exit the highway::
Once we were back on the highway, it was smooth and then FINALLY… We had reached our destination (9:45pm)::
San Marcos, TX – here’s the hotel we stayed in::
We were pleased with our hotel choice. It just opened in March, so everything was still nice and clean! Also, working for a huge corporate bank helped us score some pretty nice discounts… yes even for leisure! (there are SOME perks… ha)

It was time to get unpacked and settled in! But first, there was one little boy who had been VERY good all day in hopes of a surprise at the hotel!

Joey quickly hid it under the pillows on the bed. Jax was searching for it and randomly he saw the tag on the chair and the roo
and said “I found a clue”! ha! It didn’t take long for him to find it! It was like Christmas in July for him! So fun!
Then we HAD to jump and play on the bed… it’s a must do in hotels for us!::
We went for a quick swim in the pool… then back to the room for showers. And what’s a hotel party with out…. Pizza?::
Needless to say we were exhausted and ready for bed!
Day 2 coming soon!

Vacay Day 1 Part 1

Friday we were on the road around 11:40… 20 minutes earlier than planned! We had a LONG road ahead of us! It really wasn’t bad at all. It was a long drive, but we stopped enough to break it up a bit. Of course, I wasn’t driving so that’s easy for me to say!
Jaxon was SO excited… He didn’t sleep much the night before!
Our happy boy… ready for vacation::


Our first stop was only a little over an hour in! We stopped in Pauls Valley at the Toy & Action Figure Museum. We’ve been wanting to take Jax there for a while and this was the perfect time! He They LOVED it!

the first look at the HUGE Green Lantern in the window::
Checking out the OLD display of G.I.Joe’s – Jaxon to Joey “DADDY, LOOOK… it’s your favorite guys that you played with when you were little”::

The collection of action figures of all kinds and sizes is ENORMOUS::

I think this was my favorite – Ken checking out Barbie in her car, she actually let him drive::