34 going on 62

I’ve had a few little hobbies over the years…

When we were first married, I decided I needed a hobby.  I worked with a woman who crocheted beautiful afghans.  She taught me and I loved it.  I would take it on road trips and work on it when i could (oh to go back to the me who thought she was so busy pre-kids!).  Sadly, i have two semi large afghans that are packed away unfinished.

This blog for one was a hobby at one time.  Life got very busy after finding out we were pregnant with Eli.  I will always be a blogger at heart, even if my posts stretch out for months at a time.

I’ve always been a crafty wanna be, but nothing has really taken off.  Until i discovered the beauty of fabric, and the art of quilting.  I have discovered fun, modern fabrics and a deep love for vintage fabrics.  I’m learning to coordinate fabrics and create art so to speak with fabric.  I now consider myself a quilter.. and quilting and fabric shopping as my hobby!

My mother in law bought me a sewing machine a few years ago for Christmas, i played with it a little, but really had no clue what i was doing.

I am happy to report that I now know not only WHAT a bobbin is, but how to load it!  I know that hand quilting thread does not belong in my machine.  I know the importance of following a 1/4 seam allowance.  Hobby Hobby (as Eli calls it) has a great remnant fabric section.   And probably most importantly, i have learned to:


Sometimes I get shocked looks when people learn that I am a quilter… due to my age.  I did a little research and found that the average age of a quilter, according to a recent survey is 62.  So.. I guess you could say I’m 34 going on 62!

I’m going to show off my projects in the next few posts!


celebrating the day to day

Happy Friday!  Today, my friend Marie is having a cool little party. Click below to see more…

Originally posted 1.5.09::
So, my kid is funny. And I’m sure your kids are funny. In fact I know they’re funny and sweet and say all kinds of clever things!
When I saw this idea Jaxon wasn’t even talking yet…but it’s one I remembered! I started it a few months ago but it only lasted a day or so. But on the 1st I started it again.
What is it? It’s the “Jar of Jaxon”. Yes, that’s the best I could come up with for now!
The idea is to write down the funny, sweet, clever, etc. things that your kids say and place them in a jar. I think the reason it didn’t last long the first time was that I didn’t have the right set-up. Well, now I’ve got the set up!

In the little basket I keep the jar and pre-cut strips of paper (all sizes) and a pen or markers. That way I can go right away and write it down so I don’t forget!

The other day I had the jar out in the living room. Jaxon thought it was like the the Christmas jar where he got to pick a piece of paper out and do something. So here’s how the conversation went:: (and YES I wrote it down and now it’s in the jar)

J: MOMMY, is this for me? What do I get to do today?
S: Well, buddy this jar is not like the Christmas jar. The jar has paper with funny things that you’ve said.
J: MOMMY….I am NOT funny, I’m SERIOUS.
S: (laughing) See… THAT was funny!

It was his tone of voice that was really funny. That night he wanted me to read him all the notes in the jar. I think it made his day. I know having this jar will make me smile for days and years to come!

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catching up is fun to do…

and YUMMY too!
A few weeks ago my long time friend, Becky came into town!

We went to dinner and then headed to…. Cuppies and Joe…Imagine that! ha!

It was great to see Becky and catch up! We’ve known each other for MANY years! It was fun to talk about our memories… Thanks for coming up to OK!
and just because I love pics of my silly boy and I and I’m random sometimes::

a week ago today…

Last Friday night we went on a little family date….

To Shogun::
Then Jax and I went on a mommy, Jaxon date….
After dinner Jaxon and I decided to head up to OC for family fun night::
my sweet boy all hot and sweaty!
My bff Renee and I:: She turned a year older yesterday! Happy Birthday, Love you!
Jancy and I::
During the movie Jaxon had a few bites of a cookie… it was quickly ALL over the place!
I tried to get a cute pic of Jax and Isabelle… but it’s Jax and Isabelle!

Over all it was a really fun and hot and exhausting evening!

So… see the nasty, stringy, DARK hair (particularly in the first pic)… yeah, well…

I cut it all off yesterday!!!!

This was taken this morning on my macbook so please ignore the quality! I’m sure we’ll take 116 pictures this weekend!

Happy 4th weekend!!

I'm thinking something like this…

Would be a REALLY nice treat to beat this heat!!! It was 100 degrees here today! The high for the next two days is over 100… CRAZY!!

I’m thankful for Ice, Water and Air Conditioning!

What’s your favorite treat to beat the heat????

One thing we’ve done this summer is to pour 100% juice into Popsicle molds and freeze… YUM!!

sometimes it's a fort, sometimes a tent

I’ve written before about how we like to build forts in the living room. Being a mommy of boys, well a wife to one and a mommy to one, we camp out in the living room a LOT!

Sometimes it’s in a Tent::

Sometimes it’s a man mommy made fort::

Like this:
or this:

there is sure to be::

of pillows… and smiles
Pop Pop



No matter what the movie, the type of tent or the goodies in the popcorn, there is a lot of LOVE!

Thank you Joey and Jaxon for helping me to be creative in way’s I never thought possible!

I love you both!

crafty explosion… and a surprise!

Happy Friday!! I’m actually sitting on my couch… the house is silent, everyone is sleeping, including these two – fresh in from LA::

This was taken last night sometime around 11:30 pm… The FIRST thing my prego sister wanted was BUENO (no bueno in Cali)!! Ok, so this picture isn’t the most flattering… but they do clean up VERY well… click on these links to see!!!! Trust me, go.. you won’t be disappointed! Part 1. Part 2. (this is the surprise.. ha! LOVE these pics)

Ok, on to crafty things… My head is EXPLOding with ideas!!! My only problem, TIME!!! I need more. Being a full time (outside the home) working mommy and wife takes up pretty much ALL of my time!

That hasn’t stopped me for preparing for MANY projects. My husband will be so glad when I finally find some TIME to complete them.. maybe then he can have the garage back!

Here’s a preview of a few things to come… ok, really it’s just the decorative parts.. but they will be good… I promise!!

And let’s not forget this little beauty… well, it will be anyway! (in case you forgot, I got this for FREE)

Have a great weekend! Happy crafting… or whatever it is you’ll be doing!

Just because it’s Friday, why don’t you leave me a comment so that I know you were here! Thanks!!!

A Day at the Museum

Joey has been wanting to visit this museum for a while now. So, Friday night I looked up the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History and found out that Saturday there was free admission paid for by Chesapeake. Perfect! So, we planned out the day. I have to be honest, I REALLY did not want to go.

I’m not much for museums or history… I know, I know, but I’m not! ha!

However, we ended up having a great time… MYSELF included!

I’ll let the pictures tell the story….

Stopped at 7-11 for gas and drinks.  While waiting, Jaxon practiced a little sign language!
We finally arrived in Norman at the SNOMNH::

There was a LOT to see and do::

First on the to-do list “talk to the dum dum’s” – apparently something Jax picked up from Night at the Museum – So… he got to fulfill his only request for the day::

We were kind of in awe of this:: 
Check out the size of that skull – it made the Guiness Book!
Jax could not believe this was a dino foot::
This guy was HUGE – Seriously! Can you even imagine being on earth at the same time? WOW!!
To put it into perspective – Here is Jax next to his THIGH bone!
Next Stop – The Discovery Center (anything you can reach, you can touch)::
Jaxon got to do a dino bone dig:
We got to try on funny masks::
After playing in there and opening EVERY drawer, we headed upstairs… Here’s the best family picture we got!  Sorry Joe!
This was my favorite part of the museum – Human or Chimpanzee? There was a series of ways that you can compare yourself to a chimp…. very interesting!
My favorite pic of the day::
A Virus:: – AKA a great way to inform scare my child about the importance of hand washing!
The boys looking at a dead fly or so
I obviously took A TON of pictures… Click below to see a few more::

On the way home we stopped at Gaylord Memorial Stadium to show Jaxon where OU plays football! He was in awe!!

The field looks so different during off season::

Not that I’m ready for summer to be over – but these pics make me excited for OU Football season!!!

And LAST but not LEAST… my favorite picture from the day::

Well, if you’ve made it this far, I’m impressed!

So… the moral of the story is … Museum’s aren’t that bad if you’re with the ones you love!

A little visit to my favorite place on Earth!

Thursday we went out to Lu-Jo for a little visit! Here are a few pics from the trip!

A blurry pic of the sign leading to camp::
Nice costume::
Joey was saying “Jax, we don’t hit people with the ax”

My sweet husband preaching from his heart::

A family pic – the night sky is my favorite out there.. the stars are SO bright::

There was a hypnotist visiting that night for the “entertainment”. It was hilarious. Jax got very sleepy very fast when the guy was putting them under! We made sure there was no harm and the guy said that he is too young to be hypnotized, but he might sleep really well. That was an understatement. This kid was out. He slept through the rest of the evening, the transfer to the car, all the way home, transfer inside and until about 10 am the next morning!! We might have to look into hypnotism school!

It was a great evening! Exhausting, but great!