Ever since I was younger – like 6th grade I have looked forward to friday’s!! Who dosen’t? But, back then t.g.i.f. meant a great tv lineup that night. I so loved watching family matters and full house on friday nights!! Now, I look forward to spending time with my family. I love coming home on friday’s. The thought that I can stay up later and can stay in my pj’s longer on Saturday morning is so refreshing. When Joey and I were first married, Friday’s meant date night!! We would go to the movies almost every friday night. A few years later when we realized how much money we were spending on date night, we resorted to renting movies on friday’s. Now, almost 7 years later, our entertainment is Jaxon. It is amazing how much less we have spent on entertainment since April!! (although we now spend much more on eating out!) Of course, being that I am married to a principal, athletic director and coach, many of our friday evenings are planned for us. Tonight we are going to the OCA 8 man football game. It is such a nice HOT night for football, don’t you think!!!
Well, I hope whatever your friday night traditions are that you enjoy your night!!

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