beat TEXAS

What else can I say??? Joey and I are heading down to my former state of residence for 18 years. Yes, I know some may say “wow, she’s a trader”, but acutally I’m not. You see, you have to actually be a fan or loyal to something before you turn your back to be called a trader!! I was not a football fan (or a fan of anything sports related for that matter!) growing up. It wasn’t until Joey and I got married that I learned to enjoy and learn about football and basketball. Now, I really love to go to games and be involved in the thrill! I must say, however that it is easier for me to watch the game at home. The yellow line (Joey tells me it’s called the 1st down marker) makes it easy for me to see what the goal is. While at the game, there are WAY too many interesting people to watch, that the goal is easily forgotten. So, really going to the game is the best of both worlds for Joey and I.
Here are a list of reasons I am looking forward to this weekend:
1. It gets us out of the house
2. We both get to watch the game
3. The state fair of Texas (since we didn’t make it to the Oklahoma state fair)
4. I get to act silly and cheer really loud, and no one looks at me too wierd, because there’s always someone else worse than me!!
5. I get to people watch!! (one of my favorite things ever!)
6. We get to spend some much needed time together (not much of that since Jax was born in April)
7. Sleeping at a hotel is always fun!(even, if you don’t get there until 2am)
8. OU, OU, OU, OU
9. It’s the 100th Red River Rivalry game, and may be one of the last played at the Cotton Bowl
10. Hopefully, it will be the 6th win in a row for OU
11. It’s OU/Texas weekend!!!!
12. Road trips are fun
13. I’m just excited!!

The only thing that makes me sad about this weekend, is that I have to leave my baby Jaxon for the first time. It is only for one night, and I will get to tuck him in at bedtime, but It will still be hard. Jaxon has his first ear infection, it’s a double ear infection. Poor little guy, I just hate it when he dosen’t feel good. I’m sure I will make it while away from him, but I will definately be ready to get home & see him!!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Please say a little prayer for us to have safe travels.


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