Great Weekend!!

Well, we made it!! Joey and I had a wonderful time at the OU/Texas game. Even though the sooners got it handed to them, we really enjoyed ourselves. The game was a great experience. It is hard to see the picture, but the division in the stadium of red & orange is really cool. We got to the fair in just enough time to grab a bite to eat (fried pickles for me, and a burger for Joe) and get into the stadium to watch the teams warm up. My most favorite part of every OU game is watching the drum major lead the band down the field. His body is bent backward, with his big, white, fuzzy hat almost touching the ground. He marches backward to the 50 yard line. The band, the sound of the gun, the smoke and my little drum major guy, get me soooo excited to watch the game!!!
After we realized there was no chance for OU to pull a victory, Joey and I decided to take in a little of the Texas State Fair!!! Oh Boy!! We had a corny dog and shared a funnel cake. Talk about fried food overload (our tummies weren’t feeling too hot last night!). While walking around taking in the sights of all the interesting people, we heard the Texas fans cheering, a LOT! So, since we were missing our little Jaxon so much, we decided to head back across the red river to our home sweet home.
When we arrived at the Whitesell’s (they were keeping Jaxon), Jaxon was asleep. After a few minutes of hearing our tired voices, he woke up. He smiled immediately, then took a nose dive toward me. It was so special, the feeling was mutual, he wanted me and I wanted him. Once he was done with me, he dove to Joey, and he got his hug time!!
Overall, it has been a great weekend. Now, off to rest for the long week ahead.

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