My Twins!!

Okay, so is it just me or do these two look JUST ALIKE??? That’s what I thought. It is crazy how much they look alike. From the hair line, to the eyebrows, the eyes, and facial expressions. I just love the fact that Jaxon looks so much like his daddy!! Jaxon has a several of my personality traits. Unfortunately, he has my patience level (or lack of). Oh well, he can learn how to be patient, at least he’ll be cute while doing it!!

Jaxon, my sister Stacey, and I are headed to Dallas tomorrow. We are going to pick up “THE DRESS”. My sister’s wedding dress that is. She ordered it like 6 months ago, and it is finally in & hopefully will fit her perfectly!! I can’t wait to see it in person, I know she will look beautiful in it. We will spend the night in Ft. Worth with my parents, then head back here on Wednesday morning!! I know my parents are looking forward to seeing Mr. Jax. It has been a little over a month since they have seen him. Jaxon will be 6 months old tomorrow & Stacey will be 22 on Thursday, so we will be having a little birthday dinner tomorrow night. My mom is the best at making birthday dinner’s special at home!! I sure wish my Joey could come with us, but he has to stay here and control all the Jr. high & high school students at OCA. Fun.Fun.. I will miss you Joey, and I know Jax will too!! After all, he is your mini me!!

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