what a trip!!

So…we headed to Dallas yesterday to pick Stacey’s Wedding dress. What an eventful 24 hours it has been!! It was the first road trip with a baby (at least when he wasn’t sleeping the whole time). Very different from a road trip with no babies!! Poor little guy, we felt so bad for him being stuck in the backseat for 3 hours. Needless to say it makes a 3 hour trip to Dallas a 4 hour trip!! But, that’s okay, he’s very worth the extra time!!
Here’s a funny story: Ok, so we make it to the dress shop in Addison, Tx. As we are getting out of the car I say “hang on I’ll grab my camera to take pictures of your dress”. Stacey gets Jaxon out and is soo excited, so she hurries into the store. About five minutes later she comes out of the store mad because I am not in there yet. I am outside in the car tearing it apart to find my camera. Yes, I have lost my most prized material possession, my digital camera. I was just beside myself. I was so determined that it was there somewhere. I had to take pictures of my sister, and of Jaxon, and of my parents with Jaxon. I just had to document our trip. I was SO upset, but I had to get over it, and pull myself together for one of the best moments of my sister’s life…her wedding dress fitting!! So, I finally put the car back together and go inside with a half smile and a knot in my stomach. We get the dress on Stacey and she just looks gorgeous. She says “oh, I have my camera in my purse, we can take some pictures with mine”. “Ok, fine” I answer. So, we take some great pictures. Some of the dress, some of us, some of Jaxon hiding under the petticoat…some great pictures. We get everything together and leave the dress store, to head to the most amazing store ever IKEA. In the meantime, I am still going over all my moves with my camera. “I know I took it out of the green bag and put it in the car so I could take pictures. Then I went back inside the house to lock up. Did I set the camera on the roof of the car? Did I accidentally take it back inside?? WHERE IS MY CAMERA. My digital life is over” Stacey was being a good sport in dealing with me, I know I wasn’t pleasant to be around, but I was trying to have fun and not let the loss of my camera ruin the trip. When Joey called and said he was home, I had him look around, but no sign of the camera. About 20 minutes later, I was turned around talking to little Jax, and noticed that Stacey had pockets on the back of her chairs. Wait…did I…OH MY GOSH, I FOUND MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture of me above is the moment I was screaming & Cheering. Stacey grabbed it out of my hands and captured the moment!!! I hope I have portrayed how much this meant to me, and changed my attitude for the day!! A major difference!! So, now I know you’re wondering, why I rambled on for so long. Well, we were eating dinner with my parents at The Blackeyed Pea, and we had just finished telling them the whole camera story. Then Jaxon was doing something cute, of course, and so I pull out my camera to take a picture of him, and stacey says “wait I want a picture with my camera too”. Well, funny thing….her camera wasn’t in her purse, or in the car…We definately left her camera at the dress store!!!! It was just so funny because I was “in charge” of her camera, and dress, and she had Jaxon for me. Well, after writing all that out, I can see that it may not be as funny to most as it was last night!! Oh well, we thought it was hilarious!! I guess the moral of the story is “what comes around goes around”, or you just may not want to trust me with your camera!!
Thank you for putting up with this very loonngg post!!

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