Girls Night!!

Last night Joey gave me the opportunity to have some time to myself. Joey took Jaxon to the school play and told me to enjoy myself. So… I had been craving a few things and couldn’t wait to get to it. First craving: My best friend Renee and I really needed to spend some time together!! Yes, we talk daily and see each other usually a few times a week, but NEVER without one or both of the kids!! Last night was the first time in 2 years (not exaggerating!) that we got to spend some time together alone and not rushed. It was WONDERFUL!!!! Second Craving: I had been longing for Johnny Carino’s Italian Nachos. If you have never had these, you are seriously missing out. I had not been there since I was pregnant. Renee and I split a lot of bread with toasted garlic, olive oil & balsamic vinegar, a salad, italian nachos, and the bowtie festival. And a festival it was!! It was amazing. Not just the food, but the conversation. It was so nice to actually get to finish a thought without being interrupted by a child or a husband!! (not that we don’t love that!) Third craving: Going to Barnes & Noble. I love going there and browsing and reading. Joey and I used to go there often. My favorite was going in the winter and getting hot chocolate and spending hours. Joey would go get a stack of things to look at and so would I. We would meet somewhere in the middle, plop down and read. Those were good times. It is not real easy to do that with a baby. So, Renee and I enjoyed finding some interesting books. We had a lot of fun. It is amazing what a few hours for yourself can do. I came home so refreshed!! Thank you so much Joey for my night off. I love you!! And to Renee, may this be the start of many more girls nights!! Thank you for being so understanding!!

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