Design Remix: The Winn's

Today has been one of the busiest, but rewarding days. It all began at 2:15 am when little Jaxon woke up to play. We were all three awake and finally he went to sleep about 4:15am. He woke again about 7:30!! What a night!! Joey and I have been wanting to re-arrange our bedroom for a while. We were given a beautiful dresser and it has been in the garage for quite some time. We decided today was the day!! We moved the bed around to make room for the dresser and made a few decorative changes. Also, we wanted to make our guest room more inviting and just that a guest room. The guest room is also the only place for our desk, so sometimes it can accumulate quite the stack-o-papers!! We cleaned out the room, rearranged furniture and changed out the bedding. We are very pleased with the outcome. We switched most of the decorations from our bedroom to the guest bedroom. Now, I think it is a peaceful retreat that I know I would like to stay in. Hopefully our families will feel the same!! It is amazing what a little design remix can do for your home!! The best part: we spent $0.00 on the project. Now, that is amazing for the two of us!! Oh, how things change once you have a baby!!
Speaking of baby….Back to the long day we’ve had. While trying to get all our “to do’s” done, we have had a VERY fussy baby. The aftermath of 3 shots yesterday and two upper teeth trying to break through is not much fun to deal with. We mostly just felt bad for him. I just hate it when he doesn’t feel good. It breaks my heart. Well, I’m off to enjoy the quiet (he’s finally asleep!!) and to finish organizing my closet!!

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