Loaner Clothes

Ok, so I was already feeling like a less than perfect mother when I got to sonshine school today. I forgot that it was costume day. As you’ve seen in an earlier post, Jax is the cutest monkey ever and I wanted him to get to wear his costume today. He looked so cute today, so I let it slide. He was wearing his khaki pants and brown chopper shirt and hat from baby gap. He really looked like a mini Joey (so cute!) Well…….as you can see he didn’t get to wear his cute outfit for long. Jax evidently had a spit up accident and well, got his first and hopefully only experience with loaner clothes!! As you can see from his face in the above picture he is clearly saying “get these hideous pants off of me”. I had included an extra shirt in his bag, but no pants. I am thankful that he was clothed, however I find so many things wrong with loaner clothes. For instance, who knowswhere these pants have been or came from, and I do belive they were intended for a female baby. Oh well, like I said, at least he didn’t have to go around in just a diaper the rest of the day, and we got a huge laugh out of it. I am sure Jaxon will love these pictures someday!!!

One thought on “Loaner Clothes

  1. This is making me laugh! Don’t you wonder what the person was thinking when they bought those pants in the first place?! They are a real gem.

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