The Perfect Saturday

There are many reasons I love Saturday’s. Yesterday was a great example of a perfect Saturday.

  • waking up to a happy baby= a happy mommy & daddy
  • Joey’s yummy pancakes
  • back to bed at 10:00am for a morning nap with Jaxon
  • beautiful weather outside
  • ou football
  • quality time with my family
  • a trip to target
  • a night out with my husband – dinner and a trip to B&N, then home to watch a movie
  • a full night’s sleep, with an extra hour!

What more can you ask for? Today has been great so far too!! Church, lunch, a nap and now off to clean a little!! Hope you all had a good weekend too!

Kim found this jumper at a garage sale for $5.00!!! What a find!! Jaxon loves it and so do I. This just might be what we’ve been missing!! This may allow me to cook dinner without having to hold a baby while doing so. I sure hope so!! Thank you kim!!

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