Bored & FAT (feet)

So, I get bored easy!! So What!! If you know me well, you know I like to change things up a bit – often!! I really have a problem with this in the bedding department. Joey and I have “changed up” our bedding 10-12 times in the last 7 years. That dosen’t mean we’ve bought new bedding every time. Maybe a pillow here, or new coverlet there, you know!! Someday I will have a great garage sell full of bedding. Funny how now I work at a Fine Linen Store. Too bad our budget dosen’t allow for what I get to drool over every day!! So, with all that, I hope the drastic change in my blog didn’t make you think you hit the wrong link. It’s still just me!!!

On another note, I thought I’d share some disturbing photo’s Joey and I came across the other night. We were weeding through the almost 700 or so photo’s of Jaxon. (I know, poor kid!!) We found theese…This was the day before Jaxon was born….

You’ll Be happy to see that I actually have bones in my feet again!!

Wow, what we go through for our babies. So worth it!! Jaxon went to bed so easily and early tonight. I had a little extra time to play (as if you couldn’t tell!) Now it is time to go. Joey and I made an agreement to meet at 10:30 to watch a movie and spend some time together. He has been enjoying his time off by playing playstation (NCAA Football 2006)!! Goodnight!!!!

2 thoughts on “Bored & FAT (feet)

  1. I love your new blog look! I can totally relate to wanting to change things up all the time. My favorite thing is to rearrange rooms. But unfortunatelly our apartment right now does not leave many options for rearrangement. And, can I just say, you were super cute preggo! WOW that is one big belly! I guess it’s to be expected since you’re such a shorty. And, those are some glorious cankles. I had quite the pair with Connor but they never came out in full glory with Logan. Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures-they made me laugh!

  2. Oh baby..that’s exactly what I’m looking like now. Except I can’t wear flip flops to work..I have to wear heels. Which SUCK!

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