Oklahoma Christian U – Homecoming 2005

Today was OC’s Homecoming. It was the first BB games of the season (excluding the OC vs. OU game last Thursday). Joey is an assistant for the women’s team. At the end of half time, Joey came over to give Jax a hug and kiss, and….Jaxon spit up all down Joey’s Suit Jacket!!! Oh Well!! The women won their game (by a lot), but we left before the men’s game was over, and we can’t find the score, so not sure about that for now! Jaxon enjoyed his first game at OC. Unexpectedly we ran into my uncle Steve (my dad’s brother), aunt Betty, Charles, Amy, and Sarah. It was such a nice surprise. It was nice to get to see them and catch up a little. Jaxon had fun playing with them. I also got to see several friends! It was a good day!!

One thought on “Oklahoma Christian U – Homecoming 2005

  1. What a beautiful picture of the Winn family at play!!!! Suzanne you are so amazing in all you do every day. You are a great mommy and wife and I love you more and more each time i talk with you. You are so grounded and you do so much for so many people. It was so good to talk to you Yesterday. You made me feel better about myself and i thank you. You still are my favorite first daughter-in-love. love mom winn

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