A new CD for the road trip!!!
This is seriously the best CD (for kids young and old!!) I’m just glad Jaxon liked it as much as I did. I bought this at Target for our trip. Stacey did not enjoy it as much as us, however I think that I could make a CD like this!! The songs are so silly and fun!! If you have kids, I think you would really like it!! I plan on buying the other three that she has out!! I have been singing the songs all day long!! So fun!! I love it when I branch out and it turns out great!!
Here is a website that has all her CD’s. If you go to Amazon.com and search for this, you can hear a sampling!! Soo worth it!! – Ok, you all might think I’m a little crazy after listening to the sampling, but so what – Jaxon and I are going to know so many cool, fun songs!!
P.S. Jaxon’s name is in the Buzz Buzz song!!! What a bonus!!

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