No Fun!!

Jax and I are missing our daddy/husband! He left for Tennessee today for 3 Oklahoma Christian Basketball games! I hope they play well!! We plan on listening to them online!! Well, wouldn’t you know it: Joey is out and Jaxon is teething. He has been working on the top two teeth for a while, but I think they are going to come through in the next few days. He has been a little feverish, fussy, not hungry, clingy, puking and having tummy issues. I think all signs point to TEETH!! I miss Joey anyway, but I AM REALLY missing him. Today was just the first day, but it was a little challenging. I know it could be worse, and I am so thankful for my husband and my situation. I was thinking on the way home from Renee’s tonight (while Jaxon screamed in the backseat) about how hard it would be to be a single parent, or a mother of a military husband, or any situation where the husband (or wife)is not around much. I feel truly blessed for my Husband and my good friends and family for the support I receive.
Today Jaxon and I went to see my grandmother. We also got to see my cousin Riley Jo. She is a year older than Jaxon. She is a sweetie & soo cute!!
Joey – We love you and wish you and the team luck tomorrow!!

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