Yeah for Daddy!! & Ready for Thanksgiving

Joey is finally home!! He arrived about 5 am this morning. Shortly after crawling into bed Jaxon woke up. I think he knew his daddy was home. Joey ran to his room, he couldn’t wait to see him awake! I was glad to see Jaxon happy this morning. He seemed to be feeling a little better! He was so excited to see Joey. It makes me feel so blessed, to see my baby love his daddy – the man I love so much!!
Jaxon gave me a little scare last night. I had to call the Dr. after having some sicky issues. She was afraid that he was becoming dehydrated. He has hardly eaten anything since tuesday. Well, luckily my best friend Renee was able to run to the store for us. Jaxon would not take the pedialyte, finally I was able to get it down him by means of a medecine dropper. NOT FUN!!
Well, very needless to say we are so happy our daddy is home!! Jaxon is enjoying his second nap of the day with his daddy.

I am enjoying a little quiet time. I have been folding laundry and picking up what I didn’t get to yesterday. Also catching up on reading blogs, e-mails & blogging!!
I am looking forward to a short week. Joey and I have to work Mon & Tues, but are off for 5 days after that!! Hooray for Thanksgiving break!! My parents & sister are coming to our house for thanksgiving. Joey has BB games on Friday and Saturday, but I am so looking forward to 5 days with my husband & baby!!! I am finishing up my list for thanksgiving. I can’t wait to start cooking. I have been watching the food network thanksgiving marathon to help get in the thanksgiving mindset!! Last night I got to see Paula’s Southern Thanksgiving, featuring my FAVORITE: Paula Deen!! The food looked so good!!
This will be my first time to cook thanksgiving dinner on my own!! I’m really looking forward to making a special holiday meal for my family. I will post my menu later on!!
Have a blessed Sunday!

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