my sick baby

This has been a long week – and it’s only Tuesday!! Oh my! I just got home from doing my Thanksgiving shopping. The store was already out of several key items!! Looks like we’ll be making a trip to Target tomorrow!! Jaxon is in bed, and Joey is on his way home from a BB game in Lawton. The girls won by the way – Go Lady Eagles!!
I had to take Mr. Jax to see Dr. Hedlund today. After Renee picked him up from school, she called to let me know he wasn’t feeling too well. Since this has been ongoing since last Wednesday I decided I’d better take him in. I had talked to two Dr.’s on the phone in the last week for advice and it all worked for the time being, but he just wasn’t getting any better. Thankfully, they were able to get us in within an hour. Thankfully, Again, I was able to leave work to take him in. Jaxon has his second ear infection. This makes two in the last month. Not good!! At least there’s good ole’ Amoxicillin! Hopefully he’ll be feeling better by turkey day!
So…tomorrow will be filled with making up a few hours at work, spending some quality time with my two boys, finishing cleaning up the house for our company, and starting to cook!! Now I’m off to clean the oven. Fun, Fun!!
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Eve!

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