What a week!

I know it has been five days since my last post. I’m seriously slacking! It has been such a busy week. I actually had two days off this week instead of one, so you’d think I’d have more time but that hasn’t been the case. It’s so crazy how much faster time goes by when you are off work. Eight hours at work is VERY different from eight hours at home. It’s crazy.
Tonight we went to the OCA BB game to watch Joey’s team. The girls and boys won!! Jaxon is starting to feel a little better, he still has a mean cough though. Joey and I are both so tired. We’re looking forward to Sunday to relax after church. Here are some pictures from this week.

All bundled up

“dinnertime is the best!”

Isabelle “stickered us”
My sweet boy
Isabelle & Jax
“Hi, I’m a sooner fan!”
“I’m just soo sleepy”

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