what a WONDERFUL wednesday

The following are some of the many reasons I’ve had a great day!

  • sleeping in & cuddling with my two boys
  • watching Sesame Street in our bed with Jaxon leaning over my tummy(I love the kick he gets out of that show!)
  • Joey taking the day off to be with us (and to study for his master’s midterm tonight)
  • a nice, long, hot shower (I actually got to shave my legs)
  • wonderful hot chocolate from my precious husband
  • a very successful shopping trip to Target, Gordmans & the mall(I just love picking out gifts for our loved ones! I hope everyone will enjoy their gifts from us as much as we think they will)
  • lunch in the foodcourt at the mall (Sbarro pizza for me, Taco Bell for Joey, and applesauce & milk for Jax)
  • Jaxon got the cutest shoes from Stride Rite
  • Jaxon said “bye bye” to some people we ran into at the mall(not quite sure he knows what it means, but we’ve been working on the waving thing)
  • home from our shopping adventures by 1:30 (naptime for Jaxon)
  • knowing that our Christmas shopping is almost done!!!!!
  • It’s snowing outside (no, it’s not much, but, hey it’s SNOW!!) (Jaxon really likes it!)
  • wrapping some Christmas gifts
  • addressing Christmas cards (I just love the fact that I am getting them out fairly early)
  • listening to Christmas music (and not just any Christmas music, but James Taylor’s(my favorite) Christmas album)
  • helping Joey type his paper and study for his big test
  • whole wheat waffles & turkey bacon for dinner
  • in our PJ’s by 7:00
  • Duke is playing (and winning)
  • Jaxon falling asleep in my arms just now while I’m typing this
  • Martha Stewart: The Apprentice comes on tonight (I’ve missed like the last 4 or 5 episodes, although I’ve kept up online)
  • Jaxon is in bed now, so I will get some quiet time (although I will miss our nightly routine)

Martha is coming on now, so I’ll be back….

Ok, Martha is over. Jaxon woke up, so I got to feed him his bedtime bottle. I knew he would wake up for that! Well… it’s back to work tomorrow! I had a fab day with my two boys!! I’m off to clean up a little, then to bed to read. I hope you’ve had a great hump day also!! Here are some pictures of the day. Enjoy!

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