busy, busy

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted. That is totally not like me! Things have been busy around here, so busy I don’t even really know what we’ve been busy with. Oh Well! I was off work today! As with most of my days off, I got nothing done that I needed to. I always have BIG goals for my Wednesdays, but I usually end up running around, or sitting around. Today was a run-around day. Jaxon had a Dr.’s appt. at 10:20. It was a check up for his ear infection. He’s all better!!! Then, we went to see Joey at work, went to get gas and a car wash, went to the bank, then home for about 45 min. Jaxon had a picture appt. at 2:20. His pictures turned out so good! After the pics we walked to the other side of the mall to go to Children’s Place, then to The Limited. We found NO Christmas pajamas for little Jax. I’m so bummed. I found a pair of pants though, so that was fun! Then we rushed home to spend a little time with Joey before he had to leave for his Master’s class. Ok, so writing all that made me tired.
I cooked a chicken in the crock pot today, and made chicken & dumpling’s for dinner. Renee, Isabelle & my sister Stacey came over for dinner! It was yummy!!
Jaxon is ALMOST crawling. He’s so close! He gets frustrated with it though. I’m not wanting to rush it. I know my days of being able to leave him to play alone for a few minutes are numbered. I can’t believe how much I love this little guy. It just amazes me every day. He turned 8 months old on Sunday. It is going by way too fast.
I am so happy that Joey is done with Basketball for a few weeks. He will be home when I get home, and that makes me happy. Jaxon & I have missed him so much lately. I know January-March will be double crazy, but at least we have a little break!
I know I am totally rambling on here, so I will stop and post a few pictures of the last few days.
Joey & Jaxon watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Jaxon was glued to the TV.

So Close!!!

A stolen moment!! Isabelle & Jaxon just love each other so much!
Just Jaxon!

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