Christmas with the Conley's / bedtime issues

Tonight we went over to the Conley’s for our Christmas together. We have been best friends with them for almost 6 years. Joey and Jason met while working at UPS. They introduced Renee & I and we quickly became very close. I just think it is so special that our best buds are also our best couple buds. It makes things so fun!!
We had a lot of fun tonight. We had mexican food for dinner (Renee cooked & it was yummy!). It was great to watch the kids open their presents. Tonight was the first official presents Jaxon has had to open. Renee helped him & he had fun playing with his new toys.
As you will see in the pictures below…Isabelle is officially a princess now!! She is so funny & adorable!! Of course Renee & I had to try on the princess gear! Actually Isabelle made the boys try it on too, but my life would be in danger if I were to post those pictures!

Now on to our bedtime issues:
From about 12 weeks, Jaxon has slept through the night. Of course we’d have our bad nights, but for the most part it’s been wonderful. Well…Since his last sick episode (over a month ago), we’ve had issues. He likes to wake up several times during the night. I won’t go into all of it because it would take way too long. In addition, we’ve been trying to get him to go to sleep independently. So, tonight was the first try with that(doing it the way supernanny, and most of the books suggest). (We’re not sure how we fell about him crying it out yet – so we’ll just have to see. I borrowed The No Cry Sleep Solution from Renee).
Ok, so back to the story…He was doing pretty well, not crying, just not asleep. We waited a few minutes and then Joey went to check on him & this is what he found…
Jaxon had pulled himself up using the bumper and the bed. This was a first for us. He was so happy that we had come back to see what he had done!! He had also thrown his passy out of the bed, of course it was between the bed and the wall. He just thinks he’s so funny!!

Feel free to comment on the sleep issues. I’m open for suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Christmas with the Conley's / bedtime issues

  1. What a good baby! I know it’s hard to let them cry. But he is so cute.. I don’t think I could let that little darlin stay in there and cry! That doesn’t help does it? As a mom of two. Both teenagers now, I would tell you enjoy every single moment that you have with them. You will have time to sleep later. ; ) It’s easy for me to say that though, because I get 8 hours a night.

  2. As his nannie I will say it’s none of my business. As a mother-in-love I’ll say it’s none of my business. As a person, I will say that I never let anyone or any thing or any book tell me what my child needed. They are only this size once so if you want to rock then I say Go For It!!!!! I rocked Joey until he was about 2and 1/2 and then when he got a little sleepy I’d say okay lets pray and put you to bed. Whatever you choose is gonna be the best because you know him more than anyone else on this earth.

  3. I love the fact your first instinct was to take a photo. That is so sweet.Isn’t this age amazing, where they are doing something new almost everyday!I wish these little guys came with instructions.Good Luck

  4. Know advice here for the sleep issues. but these pictures are so cute and I have laughed and laughed. Jaxon is all boy and I am lovin it

  5. This pics are great. I think you and Joey are doing a great job and what a surprise yall found and have pics to tell Jaxon about years from now. Have a great time with him, every day and just let what ever happen. Love MOM

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