Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! / sick baby…AGAIN!!

My sister and I used to always make a big deal about Christmas Eve Eve. Well…at least it was funny back then! She called me today to remind me what today was………I won’t type it again!!! I hope you all had a Great Christmas Eve Eve!!

Ok, So much to catch you up on!! First of all, We were supposed to be at Joey’s Parents today and tomorrow. Carla, my Mother in law has Pneumonia. The Dr.’s office called her yesterday afternoon and said that she needed to be at the hospital this morning to be admitted for antibiotics. So…we had to move Christmas with the Winn’s up. Last night was my work Christmas party, so I was sad I didn’t get to go to that, but family comes first. It was a whirlwind trip. Finding out we needed the be there asap, leaving work early, loading the car, packing Jaxon, driving 1 1/2 hrs there in traffic, spending about 2 hours there, then driving home!! Wow!! However, we really did have a great time. We did not want to leave, we were enjoying the company so much. Jaxon, of course was spoiled, and had fun taking it all in.

This morning we decided to venture to the mall…just for fun! We are done with shopping, it was just a leisure trip. Are we crazy or what?? It actually wasn’t that bad. We got there about 9:30 and it wasn’t getting bad until we were leaving about 10:30. Then we went to Toys R Us. It’s wasn’t too bad either. We’ve been looking for a stuffed Elmo for Jaxon. The only one they had left was HUGE!! It is bigger than Jax. Jax loved him the minute he laid his eyes on him.

This afternoon, Jaxon started showing signs of not feeling well. He threw up all over Joey – so that was our first sign! (Poor Jax & Joey!!) I tried to get him to sleep, and we was just moaning and would wake up screaming. It was so sad. He’s never acted quite like that before. So, I called Dr. Hedlund. I was reluctant, being that it is the Friday before Christmas. They were SO nice, and worked us in. I’m so thankful for that, because Jaxon has a double ear infection…AGAIN! I feel so bad for him. I hate it when he’s in pain. With the medicine, he should be feeling somewhat better by Christmas. I sure hope so.

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