Happy New Year!

Today has been such a relaxing day. We haven’t left the house!!! I can’t believe it. That is totally not like us. I cleaned out a few problem areas, then spent most of the day in the kitchen. Cooking & baking really are my favorite things. I just love the time to myself, making meals & goodies with love for my family and friends. It is such a relaxing, non-stressful thing for me. I made two new recipes for dinner. The main dish was ok, a little salty. But the green chile corn muffins were great. Joey said they are his new favorite!! I don’t know that I’ll make regular cornbread again. Good thing we don’t eat bread too often because they are not the best for you. Anything that Paula Deen makes is probably not the best for you. Oh well, it’s the last day of the year! Who cares!

So…tonight we are just hanging out at home. This is very different for us on New Years Eve. Long before Jaxon we always had something going on. The last few years we have always been with the Conley’s. Once Isabelle was born, we started staying home. We always eat homeade Italian food made by Jason’s grandmother. It is the BEST! I usually get made fun of, because I can never stay up until midnight! Last year, while pregnant, I actually made it!! I don’t see what the big deal is! Just kidding!

Well, this year Jason, being the good husband that he is, surprised Renee with a night out!! She deserves it!!! So…we are here. They are our only friends that understand needing to come home for bedtime! I don’t know what we’d do without the Conley’s!!!

We are actually so glad to be home today/tonight. There has been no downtime lately. What a refreshing way to bring in the new year…
After Jax goes to bed, Joey and I are going to watch a movie. Who know’s if we’ll be up to see the ball drop?!?
Whatever the night finds you doing, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve!!!

edited: I almost forgot to mention that I also made the World’s best Chocolate Cake today!! If you need a great cake recipe, let me know. Also, the post wouldn’t be complete without a picutre of Jaxon from today!!

The Yummy Cake

Jaxon & Daddy hanging out!

Ready for Bed

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hope you enjoyed a good movie! We were home by 10:30, in bed by 11. I feel great today! I bet we feel better than some. Have a great New Years Today!

  2. That cake looks wonderful!! I like New years Eves when we stay home as well. We typically have a “party” at our house with some friends that bring their children over. However, this year we didn’t do that and just hung our with our children alone. it was really nice!Glad to hear that you enjoyed the broccoli cheese soup recipe I shared! it is SOOO yummy!!

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