I know my post’s have been pretty boring lately! I’ve decided to play…

Ok, so I know it’s Saturday today, but I promise to get it right next week!
This week’s assignment is:

*Your Toys
*Your Secret
*Your Eyes

I have lots of toys, so I’m including two of my favorites!! The first is our DVR box. The box is not the actual toy, but what it can do is! I am totally loving having this in our home. It has truly changed my tv life!

This second picture is pretty self-explanitory! I love playing with this one!!

Here is my secret: I am addicted to collecting magazines, recipes, books, anything interesting to read. I will browse through it, but I don’t finish before I get a new exciting piece of reading material and then the stack gets tall. Right now I have a lot of catching up to do!

And last, but not least, My Eye. I could not get a good picture of both of them, so I settled for this one. My eyes are probably one of my favorite things about me.
I come from a blue-eyed family & now I have a blue-eyed family of my own.

Ok, so I played! I don’t feel quite so boring now!

6 thoughts on “SPF

  1. CUTE!!! What a fun game. We just got rid of our dish with DVR, I will miss it=(=(Your second “toy” is adorable=)=)

  2. Ok, Suzy Q, I think I want to play too! That was so fun. Next Friday I’m going to be all over it. Love all your pictures. Little slices of you and your life.

  3. I don’t think your boring at all! But I did enjoy the Stuff Portrait Friday pictures. 🙂 Got to love those blue eyes!

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