find the celebrity in YOU!!

I stumbled upon this site this morning. It is fun, but I warn you, can be disappointing! I tried many photo’s. Some of the three of us, then of us individually. Here is my celebrity match.. Pretty good hugh! We were a perfect match, including our body type:


For fun, I’ve taken upon myself to match several people. Here we go!
Renee & I
Jaxon – this is the best one!
Me & Joe We’ll take it!
grandmother K
Mom & Sandy
IsabelleThis is a good one!
Jason & Joey
Me & Renee This is better than the before photo!
I so had a few more to do, but I think it got tired of me!! As you can tell, it is quite addicting…I’ve delayed our errands by about 45 min!! Oh Well, Jax didn’t seem to mind. Also, it’s pretty obvious that it totally depends on the picture. One person will get SEvERal diff. celeb matches!! Have fun!!!

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