he makes me laugh…

Oh my! Jaxon Josiah may be one of the funniest little people I’ve ever met (not an actual little person, but a young person!) He does something every day that makes me laugh out loud.
It will not be long until he’s walking… He cruises around the house pushing his walker, but he does not have great balance yet. Tonight he walked around the coffee table 3 times. He let nothing get in his way, not even his toy baskets! He just steps in & out of them to get around.
Then he decided to take a little break!

Last night I laid Jaxon down to go to sleep on his own. I gave myself a time limit & then I would go & comfort him. I didn’t even make it to the limit, before it was quiet. I went to check on him and found this…

I guess he just gave in & decided that the bumper made a pretty good pillow!!
So tonight I did the same thing, laid him down & this time it was even a shorter time before it was quiet. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this…

Maybe I need to get this boy a pillow!!
I feel so blessed to have a happy, healthy, funny baby!

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