stuff portrait Saturday!

Ok, so I know I promised last week that I’d actually post on Friday, but it just wasn’t possible. Better late than never!

Games I Play(ed)

These were my favorite games from way back in the day!! I have so many memories playing these two games!!

Our Games

Here are most of the games we own. Some of them are out in the garage so I didn’t bother. I’d like to point out one of the best games EVER – Uno Attack! I have many memories playing this with Jason & Renee before we had kids!

Our Family Game

Ok. Here is the nerdy truth. Sometimes Joey & I have battleship tournaments. I know. What nerd’s! Oh well, it is so much fun. We are so competitive with each other and it is one game that involves strategy that I’m pretty good at!

I love playing games. Card games, board games, dominoes, anything really. It’s a shame that we don’t get to play more often….

Did YOU play SPF????

3 thoughts on “stuff portrait Saturday!

  1. At our house we play Pictionary. But I have lost one too many times now. I may NEVER play again. I can’t stand it when I don’t win! I guess it’s still fun. ; )

  2. “You sank my battleship!” Oh. I enjoyed playing battleship as a kid, I wonder why we don’t own it now! (something that needs to be changed I think!) I love games as well! We dont play as often as we should though, perhaps we need to set one day a month aside for Family game night!

  3. Sweet Moses in heaven, I loved Mall Madness. I actually won it through one of those selling things.. you know ,you sell x amount of christmas wrapping paper, etc, and you get to pick out your prize? “Attention Mall Shoppers, there is a Sale in the Sunglasses Botique, there is a CLEARENCE in the pet store” *shivers* I loved that game more than a normal person should have…. and it’s probably the single reason I have credit card debt…. LOL!

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