Meg & Me

I found these pictures of Megan& I the other day, while going through old pictures. I am proud to say that I think we have both made it through this stage.

This was taken before we went shopping one saturday when I was home from college. Joey came home with me that weekend, but declined the shopping trip. Megan was driving us in her Mom’s van. While on Cooper st. in Arlington, some idiot ran a red light and hit us. Meg got burned by the airbag & it blew her glasses off. After a trip to the Er in an Ambulance, neckbraces, cuts, scrapes and a really messed up van, overall we were ok, but man what a day! I can’t even remember if we made it to the mall or not, but, I’ll never forget that day. (at least we had some cool sandals!)
This was at my HS graduation!
Prom. Wow.
All I can say is:Thank goodness for eyebrow waxing!!! Shouldn’t someone have told me about visiting a tanning booth? Yeah, I thought so.
Thanks for all the memories Meg. Joey wants me to thank you for the “hi my name is joe” song. It’s pretty much his favorite!!

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