It’s amazing to see a photo and to remember the moment like it was last week, then to realize it was a year ago. It’s so hard to believe how much my life has changed since this time last year. I found the picture of me, one year ago yesterday at one of my baby showers. (My belly was huge, but thanks to the minimizing black, it’s hard to tell.

Here is a picture of me yesterday.

Wow! What a difference a year makes.

Yesterday afternoon we were watching a movie in the living room when we heard a lot of noise outside. It sounded like a bunch of birds right outside our door. I looked out and found that the bird convention was being held in our trees.

For some reason, I have always been kinda freaked out by these conventions as I like to call them. It’s not so bad when I am safe inside my house, but when I am in the car and they are in the trees above, I start to feel threatened. I feel like they are conspiring against us, or maybe trying to protect us. I always wonder what they are talking about, what they are planning, who is the leader of the group, which ones are backtalking the leader? Ok, so I may be wierd, but it’s kind of like the nails on the chalkboard thing, it just really gets to me. While on the topic of things that wierd me out, here’s another strange fact about me. Whenever we’re watching the news and a picture someone that has been arrested comes on the screen, I have to turn away. I feel like their eyes are focused on me & they’re coming after me, or they are going to get mad that I am starring at them. Am I a total wierdo or does anyone else have these or other quirky wierd facts??
Ok, I’m going to bed now….

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  1. You are such a cute preggo! Minimizing black…that made me laugh. As if anything can really minimize at that point, lol! Seriously, though, you looked great!You want to hear a weird fact? Every time I see a trash bag on the side of the road, I think there is a baby inside. Everytime I see one that thought goes through my head. Yeah, how’s that for sicko quirky?

  2. Loved the pictures, one year a part! Isn’t it amazing how one year can change things!Oh, I don’t like those birds either. They weird me out!!! I can’t think of a weird fact right now, but believe me I have many!! LOL

  3. Not weird at all. Those birds are creepy b/c my gosh, where do they all come from! And it’s all or nothing for them. There are either no birds or there are 100 birds. Ewwww! I’m much better now about things that weird me out than I used to be. That gives me an idea for a post. Thanks! I needed one!Btw-ADORABLE pics!

  4. LOL, I think we ALL have those weird little facts about us. I have one similar to Meg. One of my biggest fears is finding or seeing a dead body somewhere. It’s so weird, lol!!! I probably have a million more too, lol. Wow, you DID look good!!! Cute pictures.Can’t wait to see the ones of the house=)=)

  5. Sorry, I’m still laughing so hard I can’t think of anything weird that freaks me out! So it’s almost been a year! Are you thinking about #2 yet? 😉

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