For those of you who have asked, I will post some pics of the house once it is all put back together. I will keep you posted on the progress…we still have a lot to do…I’m not too excited about trying to paint with a baby at my feet!!

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  1. What happened to my spa room, the one with all the pillows, the mosquito netting, the candles??? Oh yes, Pirate Room….well as long as it is for Jax it’s okay we me. I can’t wait to see what Joey and PawPaw come up with. Send pics of house and favorite grandson, PLEASE!!!!!! love nannie P.S. give poor little jax a Big Hug and Kiss from me and PawPaw and I hope this earache won’t last as long. Sorry to hear he is sick again, I was in the same boat with Joey and I hurt with him. Your a great mommy and I am proud of YOU!!!!

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