SPF & other stuff – long post!

Today’s theme from Kristine is Bedside Manner.

* your nightstand/drawer

Our nightstands are pretty simple. I like them ok, but I would like to have some with drawers, although I’m sure they would end up very cluttered! The alarm clock, remotes, linen spray, ponytail holders & a Paci currently reside on the table!
* a good book you’ve read

The true & outstanding adventures of the Hunt sisters. It is the most recent book that I’ve finished. I’m pretty bad at starting a new book before finishing the current one, oh well!
* your favorite lamp

I added the fringe to this lamp to make it more fun!
Bonus Pic: * my favorite light source

I love candles of all kinds, but nothing beats a the look of a ton of candles burning at once!

**Let me know if you played SPF!!

Today, as I was leaving the store, I picked up a box of these wonderfully yummy cookies!!! I’m so excited. I haven’t opened them yet because I know once I do, it’s all over!! They will be gone by the end of the weekend. That is why I only bought one box! They are Joey’s favorite too, but we’ll just have to share this year.

So, earlier I told you that Jaxon was supposed to have tubes put in his ears next Wednesday. Besides the current infection he was diagnosed with yesterday, we are having insurance issues. I HATE insurance. You get totally backed into a corner with these people. You have to have the coverage for the big things, but then they get to choose what they will or will not cover without you really knowing it. Of course you are made to feel stupid when they say “Mrs. Winn, it is stated clearly in the insurance manual…”. Ok, whatever!! Who actually reads ALL THE FINE PRINT?? Not me, but I will be from here on out. I am just mad at how vague they are…. Ugh!! Ok, so it is a really long story, but here’s the jest of it:
*Jaxon was on my group coverage
*It was too expensive, so I switched him to his own individual plan 2-1-06
*unbeknownst to me, when you change from group to individual coverage, basically EVERYTHING you were treated for previously is under a Pre-Existing clause, in which the insurance company is not obligated to pay for any claims regarding those conditions for a full year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right including ear infections for 10 month old babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today I talked to the agent for my group coverage & he is helping me to get something worked out. So, no tubes next week. Hopefully it won’t be too long. I don’t know how many more of these infections we can handle.

My little sister is moving to Cali. I am happy for her, but sad at the same time. She came over last night for a quick photo shoot before she leaves. I will post those tomorrow! I hope you’ve all had a great Friday!

12 thoughts on “SPF & other stuff – long post!

  1. Awww…Poor Jaxson. I totally understand the whole ear infection thing. My son started with them at 6 months old…was almost constantly on antibiotics, and finally had tubes at 13 months. My first daughter…same thing…tubes at 15 months, then again at 3 years old. My baby girl…no infections until she was 9 months old…but had tubes at 17 months…and she goes back to the ENT next Tues. to see if she needs another set due to fluid in the ear. *sigh* It is frustrating…and hard on babies and mommies. I hope it all works out soon!

  2. We have the same cookies at our house. The kids stole the thin mints, so I found one last pack of the “puple box” and I hid it! Now, that is mean! ha ha. I am going to wait until they go to bed, and then eat them!!!!! The candle idea is great. Next time I go shopping, I will make one for our bedroom. And I do the same thing with book, sometimes if I never even finish one. Usually they are ones that don’t hold my attention. I will have to check that one out. I hope the ears get better. That is hard on all of you! Take care.Jen

  3. I’m sorry about the insurance troubles. I hope it gets worked out soon!I almost bought that book once…I may have to go back and get it now!Where in Cali is Stacey going and what is she doing? that is quite the change!

  4. Thanks for the visit to my blog!I’ll be reading up on yours!!What an adorable baby you have.Love the lamp too! 🙂

  5. oh no!! I am sad to hear that your having insurance problems!! I don’t read the fine print either, but seems as if I should start! WOW, I sure hope that they will work with you guys and get this taken care of! It really bites to have to pay so much each month in insurance and then they decided .. “Oh we aren’t going to pay for this condition.” Just doesn’t seem right.Aww, sad to hear that your sister is moving! Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the photo shoot.

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