Well Done – updated

Jaxon’s procedure went well. I was surprised at how little time it took once they took him back. Once we got to see him, he was hysterical. The recovery room had like 10 other screaming children. We had to wait in there for 30 minutes, all of wich Jaxon screamed. He didn’t know what was going on & he seemed scared. Once we got him in the car he settled down. Once home, I made him breakfast, he played for a while, then we laid down for a nap. I just woke up & he is still asleep.
Overall…it has been pretty smooth! Last night he didn’t even wake up, so the whole not eating thing wasn’t even an issue!!

Thank you all for checking on Jaxon today.. Have a great Wednesday!

*edited to show photos*
this was right after we got home – loving on Elmo

This was about 2:30 after a long nap & a bath!

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