Today’s SPF from Kristine is:::
~your favorite jeans
~birthmark, mole or freckles
~your photo albums & where you store them

These are my newest favorite Jeans. I really like most of my jeans – at least the ones that still fit or that I’ve bought since Jaxon…!

Here is one of my freckles that I like. It is on my left arm. I’ve always liked this one for some reason!

I know this is a terrible picture, but these are where I keep my pictures for now. I do have some photo boxes and albums, but all of the current pics are on my computer until I get a CD burner (for my birthday)

That’s it for now!!

I just got a call from my best friend Renee, she was letting me know that her cousin’s husband passed away tonight. He was on his way home from work & had a car accident. They have two precious little girl’s, 10 & 4.
Just a reminder that life is so short. Too short. And not fair. And really sad sometimes. Make sure your loved ones know how you feel about them & make the most of every moment here on earth. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

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