Grammatical errors & other stuff…

Ok, so I married an English major… Sometimes it comes in handy, sometimes not so much. Well, at least he will never let me appear to be stupider than I am. (yes I used that non-word just for him!!!!) Ok, so here’s the story…I spent hours on Saturday night creating the perfect birthday invitation on vista print for Jaxon’s party in April. I printed out a proof, we went over it & made a few little changes. (It is soo cute, it even has his picture on the back of it (I’m sure I’ll share it later!)) After the finishing touches, I ordered them. Yesterday during church it came to me that I think I made an error. Why in church I don’t know, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was a common error, at least I think. I used the word YOUR but it should have been YOU’RE. Long story short, I re-ordered them this morning. Vista print was great & gave me a discount, but man. This whole first birthday party thing is turning out to be costly! But Jaxon is totally worth it.
So please tell me you’ve made similar mistakes before & I’m not grammatically uneducated!

We enjoyed our weekend around here. Joey surprised us on Saturday with the news that he wasn’t going to go to Jackson, TN. this week for the national tournament. He chose us. It is spring break around here. Jaxon and I are both so excited & the fact that I already had taken today & tomorrow off of work makes it even better!

Yesterday we went to Joey’s parents to see his family. It was great to see everyone & to actually have time to catch up & play!

We plan on doing some work in the yard today…should be interesting

Have a wonderful Monday!

8 thoughts on “Grammatical errors & other stuff…

  1. I’m so there! I make grammatical errors all the time. This is NOT my strong point, by far! Sorry that you had to reorder the invitations.. Yeah!! Glad to hear that Joey will be spending the week at home with you and Jax and not going on the Jackson, TN trip! You guys will have a great week together! 🙂 Enjoy it.

  2. Suzy Q!!!! Duh!!!! Have you tried reading my blogs????? I cant even spel as goood as i’s can tawlk!!!! So don’t worry about it you are to sweet and tooo kind to worry about being PERFECT!!!!! [and you are in my eyes anyway] love mom winn aka nannie

  3. On the issue of gramatical errors- my sister in law was a 1st grade teacher and I always feel like I am on my Ps and Qs around her trying not to mess up a sentence. Very frustrating! And I am sure that I just spelled something wrong or made a mistake in the statement above – just disregard.

  4. HA! This was NEVER my strong point (and still isn’t….I’m a math girl). I screw things up all the time. Want me to really make you feel better. I’m pretty positive that on some of my thank you notes from my wedding I put something like “That was very sweat of you.” SWEAT instead of SWEET! Ewwwwwww. Again, there is like a .01% chance that it didn’t happen but I’m pretty sure that is how they were sent out. Hopefully no one caught my error. Yeah right!

  5. Suzanne, You have heard me say it through the years. If you can’t spell a word more than one way your not a good speller. No I could never convince my English teacher. Don’t even know where she is today. Love you Dad

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