I am loved… & SPF

I totally have the sweetest husband and son you could ask for! I came home from work today & Joey said they had surprises for me!!! Here’s what they got for me!

Oh Yeah!!! Roses (Joey said he had tulips in one hand in roses in the other & he asked Jax wich ones & he immediately hit the roses, indicating his choice!! Go Jax!!), Oprah’s live your best life book, a gift card to target, my fav southwest chicken french bread pizza from Mazzios & a St. Patricks day card!! I didn’t even know they made St. Patty’s card’s! Way to go Joey!!! I am truly blessd to have a husband that appreciates me & all that I do. I tend to not feel appreciated, but I know that he really does “get it”! Thank you to my sweet Joey & Jaxon…I love you too!

This week’s SPF assignment is…
::Your couch
::Your coat
::Your candles

We just got these couches about a month ago & love them. They are very similar to the one’s we had for seven years, but updated lines & a great color. They are starting to get “worn in” & it’s a good thing, because the first few days we were missing the comfort of our old couches. Ok, enough about the couches!

Here is our coat closet…

My favorite coat. Speaking of coats, looks like we’ll be bringing them out again this weekend. Last weekend we were in “spring” clothes, this weekend there’s a chance of snow! What in the world!! I really don’t like Oklahoma weather!!!

I posted this picture a few weeks ago, but these are my favorite candles in our house!

Happy SPF & St. Patrick’s Day!! Did YOU play?

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