Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes!! Joey & I both had good birthday’s & now we are gearing up for Jaxon’s birthday on the 11th!
Yesterday I was off work & so I got to go spend my birthday $$ – always fun! I actually found some great stuff!

Many of you wanted the cake recipe, so as promised here it is. One of my little secrets is a website called I love it because you can search for anything at all & they usually have it. I also love it because real people submit & try the recipes. There have been so many times I think “I have chicken for dinner, but don’t know what to do with it”. I can go to this website & type in chicken & there are too many ideas to choose from!

The cake…It did taste as good as it looks especially the frosting, I think I’d make it for a fruit dip too!

So… Here are the links to the recipes!

Strawberry cake from scratch
Whipped cream cream cheese frosting

Ok, now that we’re done talking about cake (and eating it for me!), I got this book at the library yesterday. I’m sure you saw the author on Oprah last week. I’d been wanting to read the book for a while, then I saw Oprah. I went to Barnes & Noble but they were out & told me that the publisher is having to reprint it because they are sold out! I’ll keep you posted!

I got this book for my birthday & I am loving it!!! I totally recommend it – just a great reference book for the house. It’s a fun read!

Ok, this is about all I have time for this morning, but I will leave you with one of the funniest pictures of Jax.

Jaxon’s hair is growing so much faster in the back than on the sides & top, thus creating a mullett of sorts. I am not okay with this. I always thought that his first haircut would be because of hair in his eyes not to cut off a mullett. We can have no mulletts around here (Joey already had his as a young boy).
So, the question of the day…should I cut it, or wait?
Have a great Thursday!!!

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  1. That mullet/crack picture is making me laugh out loud right now!! Connor’s hair did the exact same thing. I would cut off the mullet. I think I only cut the sides and back of Connor’s hair until he was well over a year, but I had to start trimming the mullet when he was 7 months old or so. But I still love that picture!

  2. Thanks for the recipe link! That cake looks mighty tasty indeed! I will have to give it a shot.LOVEd the picture of Jax! Too cute. I would say if you don’t like the mullet look going on (and I would be the same way) certainly get him his first haircut!Those books look interesting as well! Well have to keep them in mind!

  3. I cut my kids’ mullets too! I have heard of the book about how French women eat – I am thinking about getting it also. I think a glass of wine at lunch and at dinner is a nice idea! :0) Can you see me with 3 kids running around eating mac and cheese and corn dogs and me having a glass of wine and a tasty dinner – not going to happen!

  4. I must read that book!Your cake looks DELICIOUS!Yeah, it looks like it’s time to cut the mullet! VERY cute picture though! 🙂

  5. That cake looks Yummy! My little cousin and I are making it this weekend for Jeremy. Jaxon looks too cute!!! What a doll baby!!

  6. Mullets are never a good thing. It distracted me all during church the other night. If it is interrupting my church time, then I say it definitely has to go. 😉 Or on second thought, you could leave it for a while and take lots of pictures to threaten him with during those feisty adolescent years.

  7. LMAO at that picture and the fact that you are asking the internet whether you need to cut your boy’s mullet or not. Too funny!I say cut it. Mullets are a big no-no.Will you do a post and talk about your new book and why it’s so good. I’m not a book reader but if it gives good info and advice, then I’m all for it.

  8. Oh my gosh…look at his little bummy. That is hilarious!!I get the Real Simple mag and I love it.Oh, aren’t birthdays super fun!!??(so is cake!)

  9. CUT IT!!! We can’t have the mullet going on. Although…it does compliment his plumbers crack! lol

  10. Suzanne, Don’t know if I ever told you or not. My new barber has a chair just for little boys. It is a sports/race car. yep thats right the youngster sit in this little car that has a real horn,steering wheel that really turns the wheels and lights that turn on and off, It also makes motor sounds. Last time I went in he told me that the little guys really like it but he dosn’t do the whole hair cut in it any more because they get to active and it hard for him to cut thier hair. He puts them in it for the first cut and pictures and then puts them in the regular chair for the full cut and then lets them play in it. It is really entertaining to watch these little guys. Funny thing is I don’t know who enjoys it more the little guys or the big ones. Anyway cut the mullet when your ready to and lol about the plumbers crack,its a whole lot funnier now than it is when I see it on the job. the time will come though when we will just have to say no to crack!! There is no doubt that he is going to be the life of the party. Love Dad/Paw Paw

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