Fast Weekend

The weekend totally flew by. I do not like it when that happens. We weren’t home much at all & with the time change, I am really thrown off. Oh well, you can’t always get EVERYTHING done.

Jaxon’s b-day party is this coming Saturday. I can’t believe it. Today I realized that he turned into a toddler overnight. Seriously. Jaxon slept 12 hours straight last night (not even counting the time change!).

I can’t wait to go to the gym in the morning. Yes, I joined a gym last week. My friend Tami meets me there at 6:00 am. She is the only thing that gets me out of bed. I probably need to do a little extra tomorrow because we ate out so much this weekend. Oh well.

Last week I found this website. It is great! They have some cool stuff I wish I’d thought of. I bought one of these splat mats. It is so great! It is not very boyish (but I did order the black instead of the pink/red one I REALLY wanted. It is nice to have it under the highchair, sure makes cleanup easier. Much easier to wipe off a mat, then to pick food out of the rug!!

That’s it for tonight…
Have a great Monday!

4 thoughts on “Fast Weekend

  1. Susie, it was a fast weekend for me also. This was my weekend to play warden. I miss going to church when I have to work. We don’t have evening serivces and small group didn’t meet. Looking forward to being with you all next weekend. Dad

  2. Weekends that fly by so fast are not good! We need a four day weekend every weekend! 🙂 Wouldn’t that be nice! lolOh wow.. Jaxon’s birthday this Saturday. That will be a fun time indeed! They do seem like they change over night, don’t they? It is amazing how instantly, they are more grown up, more mature. Oh, that website looks interesting, I will have to spend some time there looking around! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Hi Suzanne.. Yes, Amanda definitely needs to get started.. it will keep her busy while Dave is gone this summer!!! It would be cool if Dave had one and could keep everyone updated while he was in Africa, but I bet that is not a possibility over there!!! Thanks for your comment. I enjoy reading about your precious family everyday!!!I need to find out how to put pics on there. Do you have any instructions? Thanks,Shannon

  4. Sorry I missed your birthday…Happy Belated Birthday!!!! That picture of Jax cracked me up!!! Aiden’s hair looked like that too just last week, he got his first hair cut=) As soon as I go through the pictures, I am going to post them (just like the b-day ones too, lol).

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