one of "those" mornings

This morning was one of “those” mornings. I’m sure you’ve had them. You know, the kind where everything is fine & then one little thing happens that sets the bar for the rest of the day. It’s kind of like a downhill domino effect. I made it through ok & am having a fine day now.
I was ironing my skirt to wear today & when I pushed the steam button it wasn’t steam that came out, but brown water. YUCK!! And ALL OVER MY BRAND NEW SKIRT THAT I WAS GOING TO WEAR TODAY! Then of course, I couldn’t find a pair of pants that fit me, so I ended up wearing a cute shirt (that was to go with the skirt) with a pair of semi-dorky stretchy(at the waist only) jeans that I wore yesterday!! UGH!
Next, I was packing Jaxon’s bag for school, while he was crying for me to pick him up. I filled his bottle with water and put it in the bag. I was trying to find something to pack for his lunch. I am really frustrated at this point, feeling totally unprepared, which is not how I usually am (see post about this weekend…not home enough!!). I turned around to see Jaxon playing in water on the kitchen floor. I quickly realized that the bottle of water I’d put in the bag was not closed well & had soaked the entire bag & the 4 diapers that were for the day. GREAT!! I find lunch & repack another bag & we are finally out the door. I was having a hard time getting my purse off of the rack (maybe due to the fact that I was holding a 25lb baby, his bag, my bag & my keys) & I knocked off Joey’s hats & my jacket. I left them on the floor…
In the car, I reached into my purse to find my lipstick & noticed that the bottle of clear fingernail polish had leaked and formed a glossy hard surface at the bottom of my purse. Cool!
As I am driving down my street…my gas light came on. We were running about 15 minutes late (all due to the stupid skirt). I did not have time to stop. I did make it to work Thank the Lord!! On the way to work, I almost backed into a suburban in the school parking lot, had a semi pull out in front of me, then had a truck do the same.

I was able to laugh my morning off, but I did feel a bit jittery this morning once I got to work. The one thing that made me feel better was Jaxon’s smile in my rear-view mirror. God has a way of showing us that everything will be okay. Jaxon is my reminder! I hope you’ve had a good day!

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