Party Prep Suzy

That’s what you can call me today. My day started at 5:30 when I got out of bed to go to the gym. I worked out a little harder than I had been, so I felt really good when I left. I came home and weighed myself before I got in the shower…NOT GOOD! Let’s just say – I am so motivated. As if not being able to wear my pants & looking pretty flabby in all my shirts wasn’t enough motivation. I need to lose 11 pounds to be where I was at when I got pregnant with Jaxon. Wow!
So here is a list of what I’ve accomplished today!

~worked out & showered all before 7:00am
~did 2 complete loads of laundry
~unloaded the dishwasher
~cuddled with Jax when he woke up at 8:45
~changed a soaked & poopy diaper
~fed Jax breakfast
~got myself ready
~changed another diaper
~got Jax ready
~went to the party store
~bought WAY too many helium ballons (will pick up saturday)
~went by the bakery to finalize the cake design
~went to wal-mart to get plates, napkins, cups, forks………………….
~went through the taco bell drive through for Joey
~went through planet sub drive through for myself & Jax
~ate lunch with Joey
~went to wal-mart neighborhood market to buy all the party food
~arrived at home with a sleeping baby at 1:15
~put jax in his bed & unloaded the car & put groceries away
~changed & played with jax when he woke up at 1:45
~ordered prints online to pick up at the one-hour photo lab
~visited with my friend Lise’ who stopped by
~cleaned out the refrigerator (still needs to be wiped down)
~ate dinner with the conley’s at our house
~they watched jaxon so I could run to hobby lobby(Joey has his master’s class on Wed. nights)
~everything at hobby lobby I needed was half off – score!!
~sang my sweet baby boy to sleep
~made this

~and this

~and this

~framed these

(these are not staying here – just haven’t found homes for them yet)

~Joey just got home & I got the ice machine ready for his back
~now I am in here winding down & starting to fall asleep

I feel so good about all that I got done today. Some Wednesdays I don’t do much, this was not one of those! I have a feeling next week we will be sitting around!
Thank goodness I get to go back to work tomorrow so I can relax!!!

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