Happy Birthday Jax

It’s so amazing what a year will do to change your life. My life is so different. My life is so full ~ of love, crazienss, messes, fun, and even more love. It’s amazing how much I love this little boy.
I have been pretty emotional today. I am so excited that Jaxon is one, but sad at the same time. The sentiment of it all gets to me. I feel so blessed it is overwhelming. There is also some stuff going on that I will tell you about later that is not helping. So, I will just share a lot of pictures!!!

these were taken the day before Jaxon was born

Jaxon’s first picture!

He was & is so beautiful

One of our all time favorite pictures of Jax!

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Eight Months

Nine Months

Ten Months

Eleven Months

Twelve Months

~ONE ~ 12 Months ~ 52 Weeks ~ 365 Days ~ 8,760 Hours ~ 1 Year ~

Jaxon Josiah
April 11, 2005
10:50 PM
8 lbs 1 oz, 20″ long

I love you Jaxon Josiah!!!!!

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