I should've stayed in bed…

Ok, so I thought my Wednesday was crazy, not even close to today! First of all, let me start at the beginning of the week.
So…I go into work Monday morning to find out that we are closing our store. Emotional for me on so many levels. First of all, I have known my boss for 9 years. We are very close. I used to keep her daughter when she was 9 – now she’s almost 18! Crazy. So, there’s the fact that I won’t get to see her everyday. Then the major blow – I need a job! I am very blessed at my work now. Working 4 days a week, making great $, great benefits, great people, understanding of a mommy’s life, beautiful things…I could go on & on!
The nice thing was that my boss found me a job before she told me the bad news. I will be working at a great clothing store in Nichols Hills Plaza – where I work now. I am as excited as I can be for having my whole easy life turned upside down. I know change can be good & it will all be okay, but it is scary & I don’t like change when I have no control in it. I still feel like I am in a dream and Monday things will all be back to normal, but it is all very real! The thing that will change the most is my work in general. I will be going from store/office manager to a regular employee. I will go from working 30 hrs a week to 40+ & working EVERY Saturday. This is going to change our family time – dramatically. Ok, enough about that for now – please just keep us in your prayers during this adjustment time.

So, my day…first off Jax had to get two shots & blood drawn=screaming, always hard for a mommy. To make things worse, because of my work situation, I could not stay home with him this morning, so I had to drop him off at Sonshine School=screaming, not good. When I opened my car door at school, I heard a hissing sound. My tire was going flat! I made it to the other side of town & dropped it off at the Nichols Hills service station. They were able to take out the piece of hard plastic that punctured my tire! I worked late & we are selling things like crazy so it was such a busy day. I was so tired when I got to pick up my car. The guy brought it around for me, I payed him & then went to my car to find that he’d locked my keys inside with it running! Yea!

I finally made it home about an hour late. My sweet Joey had dinner ready & I got to sit on the couch and relax! Thank you sweetie!

Needless to say, I am exhausted. Exhausted of today. Exhausted of this week.
I start my new job on SATURDAY.
I’m sure my day will be better tomorrow & I hope you have a good one too!

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