Random catch up!

Thank you all for the sweet comments of encouragement lately. Lord knows I’ve needed them & the prayers!
My week has been better than last. Today was my day off & although I worked for part of, it was still a good day. Jaxon had his 12 month photo shoot today. We were scheduled for 10:00, which is usually considered late morning for me. Not today! Jaxon & I woke up at 9:45!!!! I haven’t slept that late in probably 5 years! It was great. I guess my body really needed the rest. I fell asleep on the couch last night before 9:00. Thankfully Jaxon slept with me this morning. So, we were able to reschedule the pictures for 11:00!
Jaxon was not very cooperative during the photo shoot. We managed to get ONE pose out of like 45 shots that turned out. Here it is!

I love how it captures his sweetness. He is a sweet boy. He is MY sweet boy & he loves me too!

I went to a body pump class yesterday. That is a class at 5:30am where basically, you lift weights to music. It works out all the major muscle groups. I really enjoyed it. I wonder why I waited so long to try it out. Let me just say…I’m feeling it today!!! It feels so good! I love it when my muscles hurt because that means I’m doing something good for my body. I was going to go to a core fitness class this morning, but hit snooze instead & you know the rest of the story! I’ll go back to pump class tomorrow & work out these sore muscles!!

I’ve made two new recipes this week. Both very good. The first was stuffed shells. They were stuffed with cottage cheese, spinach & other stuff & then had marinara sauce on top. SOO good! Jax especially liked it!
The second sounds so gross & the name of the recipe makes you want to not even consider it. After hearing that they were good I decided to try it & I’m glad I did. Jax absolutely loved the “poppin fresh bbq cups”. If you have kids you should try them. You can e-mail me at suzannewinn at yahoo for the recipes.

My house is a mess. My MIL stayed with us Sunday night to keep Jax on Monday because he had a fever. We do not have guest bedroom anymore, so we pulled the mattress & box spring in from the garage. We set it up in the back of the living room. We have not had a chance to put it away. It’s kind of funny! Jax thinks it’s the coolest thing! Joey does too. He laid on it last night while I heated up dinner. It’s pretty ghetto to have a bed in the living room, but for now it’s ok! At least it’s made up pretty!

Jaxon slept in HIS OWN BED ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT!!!!! AND…tongiht I laid him down while still awake…no crying…asleep within 5 minutes!!! HALLELUJAH!

Thats about all I can think of right now! I need to go prepare an outfit for tomorrow!
I’ll leave you with a few bonus pics!!

my little gamer!!

Jax enjoying his first fudgesicle (sugar free of course!)

“that was so good”

All clean & ready for a night of rest!

Hope you’re all having a great week!
Oh yeah~ I’ve noticed I have a lot more visitors to my blog than comments. I’d love to know who you are!!!

10 thoughts on “Random catch up!

  1. Glad this week is better than last week. You’ll get used to the job and just think it’s a mini workout now too. 😉 Wish I could get myself up that early to exercise, lucky if I wake up before Tally wakes me up. Adorable pictures 🙂

  2. awwwwwww, what a cutie. i love chocolate on the face pictures. priceless. and i am impressed – a mom who not only has time to work and watch her baby, but cook new dinners, work out and have her MIL stay over!! good work, mom.

  3. YOu amaze me!!!! I can’t get anything done around my house anymore!!! I am so behind on everything.. Maybe when I am off this summer I will get things re-organized and get my life back in order!!! I love the pics of Jax.. I have missed reading about your family the last couple of days, but I know you are busy!!! I am glad this week has been better! Have a great day!!

  4. I love that picture – it is great – we really need to do some family pictures soon – Very good on your working out – I am very impressed – keep it up!

  5. His 12 month picture is soooo cute! I can’t wait for Ethan to grow up too. But I’m not wishing the time away no sir! I’m so glad you’re liking your new job. I think about you often. And on the workout topic, I’ve been doing Turbo Jam and love it! It’s not easy getting those last few (20) pounds off. Hang in there and next time Jax has a fudgesicle have one with him!

  6. Hey what the MIL are you talking about, ha. I kept thinking who was there Sunday besides me. OH the MOTHER-IN-LAW! And here all this time I call you my daughter-in-love. Soooooo happy you got to rest and have such a great time with Jax. I loved holding him, playing with him and spoiling him as much as his busy little body would let me. Thanks for asking me. signed MIL

  7. Jax looks absolutely adorable in his picture! I just love that shot! It was worth the other 46 just to get that one 😉

  8. I had to make myself take the time to do this after I saw you at Target today, and I’m really glad I did. (I can see how this could become an addiction!!) I’m so sorry to hear about your job. I will definitely be praying for you and the boys. I’ll talk to you soon!

  9. Oh goodness! I am so sorry to hear that you have had to change jobs! I am sure it was very emotional when you found out the store you were working at was closing. Very sad. Your boss was very sweet to find you another job before you told you though! That was very thoughtful indeed. It will take some adjusting no doubt, but it will come!Love the picture you got of Jax in your photo shoot! Adorable indeed!I pray things will work out for you and your family during all the changes!

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